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How to Get the Best Hair of Your Life

Do you love your hair? What are your #hairgoals?

You can make every day a great hair day!

In this video, Carol and the Dressing Your Truth Experts share their hair journey. Like most women, they’ve experimented with different lengths, colors, and styles. Discovering their Type of beauty is what has given them the knowledge, confidence, and keywords they needed to communicate effectively with their stylists to achieve their best hair! You can become the expert of your hair, too!

Type 1 Expert Jaleah talks about why she bid her long, luxurious locks farewell and how she maintains her fun “lob” between washes with Hair Play Makeover Spray.

Type 2 Expert Anne emphasizes the importance of Type 2 women maintaining a cool tone to their hair.  She also shares her favorite product for curly hair, Weightless Styling Mousse.

Type 3 Expert Sarah shows the dramatic changes in her style and how there are many versions of hot Type 3 hair that is well beyond just short and edgy. Sarah’s gotta-have-it-can’t-live-without-it styling product is Finishing Spritz!

Type 4 Expert Kalista shares her love for all the Lifestyle hair tutorials that have taught her how to use different hair products, including Hair Repair, to achieve her sleek and sophisticated look.

Finally, watch as Carol explains why short hair has always worked for her and how her style gets a boost from Root Boost.

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