Why Thousands of Readers Around the World Rave About This Spiritual Self-Help Book

Why this relevant & timely 20-year old book is at the top of my list for you.

Looking for a great self-help book, and want to know what my favorite one is?

It will change the way your brain is wired. It will help you see your world differently and experience it from a new perspective.

It’s my bestselling book, Remembering Wholeness—and I just released a 20th Anniversary Edition!

In this video, you’ll hear…

(1:24) – The Backstory: Why I wrote Remembering Wholeness, how it came to me, and what I never expected would come from it!

(3:27) – Was the book written ahead of its time? I share how the Law of Attraction wasn’t even a trendy topic yet in 1999.

(4:30) – How 2020 turned the world on its head, and how Remembering Wholeness helped me through it.

(6:50) – Why I recommend Remembering Wholeness the most out of all the 10 books I’ve written.

Get your copy of the ultimate spiritual self-help book. And if you’ve already read Remembering Wholeness, this is your sign that it’s time to read the updated edition!

Plus, my team and I created powerful new products, such as the Creation Journal, to go alongside this new edition and bring it to life. You need to check it out.

Purchase “Remembering Wholeness” today!

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