See How to Style Jewelry Crossovers in the May Jewelry Drop Try-On

(+ Hair Bows!) These are the pieces you asked to see!

May jewelry is in, and we’re here to show it in real-time style!

All the Dressing Your Truth Experts are here to show you how to style crossover jewelry for each Type. We’ll talk about our favorite jewelry items and why they work so well for your Type. We’ll show you how to use your Style Guides to choose the perfect jewelry to enhance your cute, elegant, dynamic, and stunning style. You’ll get tips for assembling multiple jewelry “outfits” from a few pieces and insight for personalizing your style by bringing elements of your secondary Type into your look.

Watch the video for your Type to see how to style one of this season’s popular jewelry trends in the Dressing Your Truth way! These videos were filmed live in a special Facebook Live. We hope you can join us next time, but for now, enjoy the recorded videos for great style tips.

Before we get started, here are a few reminders:

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(2:32) Type 1 Bright and Animated Jewelry with Jaleah!

See a party of pearls with greens, flowers, and butterflies!

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(11:04) Type 2 Soft and Subtle Jewelry with Anne.

How will you style this dreamy pink hair bow? Get inspired to try some pink in your summer style.

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(23:10) Type 3 Rich and Dynamic Jewelry with Carol.

You asked for it, and we listened. Pearls for Type 3!

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(39:56) Type 4 Bold and Striking Jewelry with Kalista.

Have you tried this popular jewelry trend? AND we got you this stunning hair bow!

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What are the three jewelry pieces that catch your eye?

Find those pieces that speak to your personal style. Be open to trying new things; you might surprise yourself!

Learn more about how to style jewelry for your Type of beauty:

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