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500+ Tutorials

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  • Clothing

    Crossover Navy: How Type 1, 2, & 4 Share This Deep Blue Color

    • Can You Easily Spot Your Type's Navy? (What about Type 3 Navy?)

    • How to Dress for a Funeral When Your Type Doesn't Wear Black

    • How Your Body Shape Expresses Your Energy Type

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  • Accessories

    Quick Tips for Tying a Scarf for Your Type (Yes, It Makes a Difference!)

    • Is there "Crossover Jewelry" for Type 2 and Type 4?

    • Is there "Crossover Jewelry" for Type 1 and Type 3?

    • Can You Go Nude? The Best Nude Shoe For Every Type

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  • Hair

    3-Minute Hairstyles to Make Your Day Easy and Beautiful!

    • Blended and Still: Type 2/4 Hairstyle Tips to Support Your Yin-Yang Combo

    • Simple and Flowing: Type 4/2 Hairstyle Tips to Support Your Yin-Yang Combo

    • Voluminous and Edgy: Type 1/3 Hairstyle Tips to Support Your Yin-Yang Combo

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  • Makeup

    See Real-Time Face Profiling In Action! Lifestyle Coaching Call

    • Easy Tricks for Fabulous Eyeliner

    • Top Do's and Don'ts for Beautiful Makeup: Lifestyle Coaching Call

    • Vibrant Spring Makeup Looks with New Colors for Your Type!

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  • Energy Profiling

    Feeling Out of Balance? How to Easily Reset Your Energy

    • Finish This Sentence: "I'm Afraid to Feel..."

    • Feeling Frazzled & Run Ragged? How to Stay Centered and Grounded

    • How To Map Your Family's Yin/Yang Combo. Get Ready for a Big Ah-Ha!

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  • Before & Afters

    Letting Life and Lightness Back In: Brooke's Before & After

    • Why Trying To "Blend-In" Could Be Making You "Stick-Out"? Stacey's Before & After

    • See This Petite Woman's Big Transformation: Veronica's Before & After

    • Learning to Like Herself More: Jean's Before & After

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