Stop—Don’t Make These Common Fashion Mistakes!

Where do you stumble with your style? How to overcome these mistakes.

Your clothes and style are not only a tool to help you express who you are, but you also choose certain items to send a specific message to the people around you!

Maybe you dress in a certain way because you want to be taken more seriously. Or maybe it’s to prevent you from being overlooked by others.

Here’s the thing though: sometimes dressing with those intentions backfires on you!

You move through the world expressing one of 4 unique movements, and each person has one dominant Energy Type.

When your natural energy doesn’t fully align with your personal style, it can send a very conflicting message to those around you.

Let’s take a look at the most common fashion mistakes that each Type of woman makes:

Fashion Mistake for the Type 1 Woman- Wearing Black

It’s common for a Type 1 woman to wear a lot of black in an effort to be taken more seriously and not look so youthful and cute.

Ironically, it only conflicts with her light, fresh nature, making her natural animated expression more pronounced and amplified, which then comes across as silly!

Type 1 woman may also straighten their curly hair for the same reason. But you will always look your best bringing out the natural movement of your hair. As you express your true nature as a Type 1 woman, you will be taken seriously for who you are—a fun-loving, brilliant woman.

Here’s what this cute Type 1 woman shares:

Beth Type 1 Before & After

“I always wore black prior to DYT. Now, as a Type 1/3, I feel like the movie Pleasantville when everything turns to color in the town. I thought black would make me look serious and sexy. The more color and pattern I wear the more grounded I feel. I feel sassy and sexy every day.” – Beth, Type 1

Fashion Mistake for the Type 2 Woman – Wearing Bright Colors

It’s common for a Type 2 woman to want to brighten her look to counter her more subdued nature.

Ironically, it only makes her blend into the background while her brighter clothes get all the attention. Wearing bright and bold clothing will overpower a Type 2 woman, make her complexion look pasty, and actually make her appear weak and shy to people.

I have met a lot of Type 2 women that try and brighten up their hair color with warm highlights that only age their faces, bringing out the lines and redness in their skin. Also straightening your hair stick straight is not pretty on you. Your movement has a natural inward flow, and stick straight hair is too severe.

Jacqui shares how powerful wearing her correct Type of style is:

Type 2 Before & After

“Before DYT, I always picked clothes that looked good in the magazine or on my friends. I felt like I needed that brightness to be seen or heard. Now I’m healing from trying to be someone I wasn’t and feeling more like who I remember myself to be. Thanks, Carol! -Jacqui, Type 2 Woman

Fashion Mistake for the Type 3 Woman – Wearing Soft Lines and Black Clothes

It’s common for a Type 3 woman to wear a lot of black. Type 3 energy is a strong expression and the color black makes a strong statement. The problem is that Type 3 women have very angular, chiseled, textured movement in their physical features which is quite the opposite of the stark, still nature of black. Wearing black, especially around the face, dramatically ages a Type 3 woman.

Before I was dressing my truth, about 65% of my wardrobe was black. I no longer own any black clothes. You might think, “How could I give up my black?” I promise you when you go through the free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course and discover the rich, dynamic colors that express your true nature, you will not miss the black. You will actually get to a point in wondering why you ever wore it!

Another tendency is to want to soften your facial features by wearing soft lines in your hairstyle around your face. This will only make your angular bone structure in your face more pronounced to give you a manly appearance. Melissa agrees:

Melissa Type 3 Before & After

“I was an ‘iridescent summer’ in another system and I was advised to wear mostly Type 2 colors. I feel better each day that goes by as a Type 3! 🔥💥” – Melissa, Type 3

Fahion Mistake for the Type 4 Woman – Wearing Soft & Flowly Clothes

It’s common for a Type 4 woman to try and subdue her very bold, authoritative nature by wearing soft, flowing clothes. Softened fabrication only conflicts with who you are. When your bold, blunt, clear expression comes out naturally, you will be perceived as too blunt, too serious and too authoritative. Softened fabrications also make you appear frumpy.

Ashley can relate to this:

Ashley Type 4 Before & After

“This “after” shot is one of my favorite pictures of myself. I’m a Type 4, and I definitely wore the muted, neutral colors! I am so thankful for DYT. Now I allow my energy to express itself in bold color!” – Ashley, Type 4

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