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Statement Jewelry Feel Too Big? We’ll Show You How!

4 short Expert videos that show you how to style jewelry with your outfits.

Does statement jewelry just feel too… big? 

I know it did for me when I first started dressing my truth. 20 years ago, I did not wear the larger jewelry you see me wearing today. I couldn’t even imagine it!

What I learned over the years was it was not the size of the jewelry that was the issue, it was that I didn’t know how to style larger pieces with my everyday style.

Ready to add more style to your everyday look?

Watch these 4 Types Expert videos where we show you how to add more style to your everyday look. We start off with smaller pieces that most women are comfortable wearing, and then we take it up a notch with larger pieces. Watch what happens! I know you’re ready for more!  

PLUS, ALL jewelry is on sale!

That’s right—the entire store is discounted for The Year-End Clearance Sale! Start your New Year off with a bang, complete with jewelry that tells the world exactly who you are!

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Type 1 – Play it up with all those animated pieces!

Jaleah, Type 1 Expert

Shop Type 1 Jewelry in the DYT store!

Type 2 – Dip into all those delicate details.

Anne, Type 2 Expert

Shop Type 2 Jewelry in the DYT store!

Type 3 – Dive into your dynamic flare!

I’m Carol, your Type 3 Expert

Shop Type 3 Jewelry in the DYT store!

Type 4 – Bring in more of your bold balance!

Kalista, your Type 4 Expert

Shop Type 4 Jewelry in the DYT store!

In the grand tapestry of personal style, jewelry is the thread that weaves together your look and energy. Tap into the power it holds, and let your jewelry be another way you express your authentic self.

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