I felt like a failure at life, trying not to be "too much." I now realize I was only a failure at trying to be someone else. I'm the happiest I've ever been. Everywhere I go people tell me how great I look. But the best part is how great I FEEL.

—Joanne, Type 3

“After coming across old pictures this week, I decided to celebrate my 4+ year DYT journey. In a lot of those old pictures, I look tired and my smile seems a bit "meh." Now, there's a fire in my eyes and I feel like myself! I love it.”

—Maggie, Type 3

After having kids, I kind of lost myself and kept chasing trends. I heard about how Dressing Your Truth could help you do your own makeover and I signed up. I started off interested in a makeover and learned the makeover was just the icing on the cake. What I've learned about energy profiling helps me be a better wife and mother and I love that I understand others more. Thank you so much Carol and everyone at DYT!

—Julie, Type 4

“Because of DYT, I've been able to be happy with how I look every day, including lounge-around-the-house days, like today. My After looks much better to me and was so much less time and effort than my Before!”

—Sharon, Type 1

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“I finally feel like I met the “real” me after 49 years of not living my true self. I am forever grateful!”

—Lisa, Type 2

“I have had my weight issues going on for 10 years now. However, I used to hide it with black. Now I own my light, bright and shiny Type 1 look. This is a life changer ladies.”

—Debbie, Type 1

Going clothes shopping was always a very depressing experience for me. I felt awful and wondered why nothing ever worked for me. I have a much higher success rate now— and more importantly, I know what to leave on the hanger. Carol has made such a huge difference in my self-confidence and has strengthened my ability to know what works for me, and I am so, so grateful.

—Meighan, Type 4

“Make no mistake—this is not about hair, clothes or make up. It is about drawing forward the deep well of who we are to all aspects of our being, outside and inside.”

—Rebecca, Type 3

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I was so very fortunate to discover DYT when I was really doubting myself. This information has been so validating...And while it is SO much more than clothes, being able to wear clothes that express my true nature has made life so much easier!!!

—Deborah, Type 1

“I am so grateful to know that I am a Type 4. It has helped my confidence grow immensely!”

—Megan, Type 4

One of the things I love about Dressing Your Truth is that I pretty much always feel cute and put together. I never had any real sense of personal style before Dressing Your Truth, never did much with my hair besides pull it up in a pony, never wore makeup regularly. Now I can do clothes, hair, and minimal makeup pretty quickly and feel pretty confident stepping out into the world each day. What a blessing!

—Becky, Type 1

"My before picture was 2 years ago, what was I even doing back then??? 😂😂😂 I know the lighting is bad, but that hairstyle and white tee?? Yikes."

—Jodi, Type 3

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Why do I love DYT so much? Well, for starters, it empowers women to embrace their unique beauty no matter their size. Thank you, Carol Tuttle for paving the way for us to each find our own healing journey.

—Colleen, Type 3

"Just cut 8 or more inches off my hair! I have been wanting to do it for years and DYT gave me the push I needed to do it! I love it!"

—Kalyn, Type 3

I have PTSD and had severe anxiety and health issues for years so I barely left the house. I was a shadow of myself. Now my stress level has dropped dramatically, I can deal calmly with whatever happens, and I hardly feel anxious anymore. My therapist is more than amazed! Of course I told her the secret :) I owe all these developments to DYT. Carol, thank you for your work, it creates miracles. I love my life.

—Josefina, Type 4

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