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How Each Type of Woman Experiences Sadness

We've all felt let down, but what does that look like for you?

Have you ever had the blues?

I’m not talking about grief over loss, but that sense that things aren’t right. Maybe you’ve offended someone, or they’ve offended you.

Join me and the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Panel as we discuss the ins and outs of sadness.

  • (1:18) There’s an obvious Type that seems sensitive to this kind of sadness. How do they manage this not to be overwhelmed by it?
  • (3:54) “Let’s just work it out!” Which Type of woman approaches conflict this way? Anger often accompanies them. 
  • (6:40) Which Type has difficulty permitting themselves to be sad? They often say “sorry” when it isn’t even their fault.
  • (8:27) Sadness is a private emotion for this type. They are less likely to show emotion and need time to think it through before opening up. 

The first step to healthily experiencing sadness is recognizing that you’re in charge of your own emotional space. After that, we have the opportunity to learn from it and grow through it. This allows us to create more respect in our relationships and understanding of ourselves.

What’s your experience with sadness? How to you express it?

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