How to Claim Your Sexual Energy & Create A More Pleasurable Experience

Energy Profiling can help you understand yourself and your partner better

Want to have a more positive and fulfilling sex life?

On today’s #EnergyProfilingWithCarol show, my two guests share how discovering their Energy Types has helped them to understand their sexual energy, and their sexual experiences, even better!

First you’ll meet Rachel, Type 1/3, who was raised in a sex-positive home. But on a cultural level, she internalized the message that her sex drive was weird and wrong. When she got married, she realized she was imposing a shameful narrative onto her husband.

Watch how she got rid of unspoken drama and accepted their true natures—which made their sexual experiences so much easier.

Then I introduce Hanna, Type 2/4, who is a women’s sexuality educator. She focuses on empowerment, dispelling myths and misunderstandings about your body, and educating women to take ownership over their sexual experiences—instead of putting all the pressure on their partners.

You have been taught to live with a compromise instead of seeking advice, education, or products to help your sex life. Hanna works to create a comfortable experience around this topic and reduce shame.

Hanna and I take live questions from our audience. Here are some of the questions we talked about:

  • Can you talk about the lack of desire in a female?
  • Who initiates in a relationship when you and your partner are both Type 2?
  • I only want to engage in intimacy when I know my husband really needs it; I could take it or leave it. Any tips?
  • What books do you recommend about this topic? (See the resources below for the full list!)

What “aha” did you have watching this show? Leave a comment below!

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Enjoy the resources mentioned on today’s show:

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