How I Came Up With Energy Profiling & Dressing Your Truth

Carol's journey: where all of this information came from

I’m often asked, “Carol, how did you come up with all of this?”

People want to know where the idea of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth came from. I’ve been teaching these systems for many years now, but originally it was my expertise in energy healing that led me here!

My career in energy healing gave me an understanding of the world where I saw people as a movement of energy. Because of this, I began to see there were 4 qualities of movement that we expressed as our true nature. It was clear to me that many of our character traits, our body language, and our physical features were expressed effortlessly through one of these 4 Types.

This helped me develop the system of Energy Profiling, and then after that, Dressing Your Truth.

In this video, I share how I came up with these ideas, where the names came from, and how the systems developed over the years.

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