Ready, Set, “Swing” Into Style School!

Go from being a passive participant to a leader of your own style!

Picture this. You’re a tennis player, stepping out onto the court for a long-anticipated match.

You hold your racket, ready for the game to begin. You know how to play, you’ve listened to your coach, and you have the knowledge about how to play!

But as the ball comes your way, you don’t swing—you simply watch as the ball flies by.

Why does this happen? Because you’re afraid of doing it wrong, of making a mistake. So you never even swing.

Do you relate to any of these Lifestyle ruts? 

  • You sign up, learn the basics, and then get into a style rut—staying with the same old, same old.
  • You watch all the videos and content—but you don’t apply the new things you learn.
  • You fall into a “cookie-cutter” look that feels boring.
  • You talk yourself out of posting in the Lifestyle Facebook Group.
  • Because you don’t post, we don’t get to know you.

It’s like you’re standing on the court, but never swinging!

Let’s change that! Let me help you find your “style swing” with Style School!

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Know how to shop and wear the latest Fall/Winter trends and look great
  • Go the next level with your hair, makeup, and jewelry
  • Step out of the box and look and feel like a “put together” woman.
  • Improve your style skills so putting outfits together is easy.
  • Transform your Lifestyle experience into an amazing, rewarding experience.

Now here’s the biggest benefit: after applying what you learn and sharing your outfits in the Lifestyle Facebook Group, imagine being met with nothing but excited, loving feedback from other Lifestyle members!

This is what Style School is all about!

I created Style School to help you take the popular fall/winter 2023 trends, and turn them into Type-specific styles that are fresh, current, and unique to you.

You will have an Unlimited-Use Promo Code for 20% off every single purchase during the 4 weeks of Style School.


Use it as many times in the DYT Online Store as you want starting September 12th!

Here’s the best part: As a Lifestyle member, you’ll already have access to Style School! It’s all included in your membership—you just have to show up!

After going through Style School, you’ll be more confident about making style choices that reflect exactly who you are.

Want to see how Lifestyle can impact your life? Here are real women, with real results.

Jennifer, Type 1

“I discovered DYT a year after my daughter passed away from a car accident. I was at my heaviest and 48 years old. Grief aged me tremendously. I started wearing nothing but oversized t-shirts and black leggings and stopped wearing makeup or fixing my hair.

After finding out I’m a Type 1, I cared about my appearance again! I started dressing my truth every day and letting my light shine. This community gave me a purpose, focus, and direction again. It really was a big part of my healing process and I’m so grateful for it.”

-Jennifer, Type 1

Astrid, Type 3

“When I first discovered DYT, I was already a big fan of clothes and makeup. But I was easily swayed by what I thought looked good on others and had a very eclectic, chaotic wardrobe.

DYT has helped me find harmony and a defined style of my own.”

-Astrid, Type 3

Mika, Type 4

“Since starting this a couple of months ago, I have felt so much more myself. I am wearing colors I never thought I would, and patterns I never would have dreamed of trying on when I was trying so hard to blend into the background.

I find that I actually love myself and that is something I haven’t been able to say in many years! Thanks so much to Carol Tuttle and her team for everything! I am embracing and enjoying the journey!

-Mika, Type 4

Nichele, Type 4

“It’s my 8-year anniversary with DYT. Lots has changed for me in my life. I love all that I have learned. It has helped me in every aspect of my life.

I can’t think of one way my life hasn’t benefited from DYT I can’t tell you how much Carol, her team, and all the content have helped me.

Also, all the ladies in the Lifestyle group, they are the best. I will never cancel my membership! I’m here to stay.

-Nichele, Type 4

Come build each other up during Style School!

As women, we are so powerful when we come together to support and encourage each other! We can create a world like this every single day. We need community. We need each other!

Style School is your personal invitation to get involved with Lifestyle—not just for yourself, but for each other as well!

Come and make new friends. Share your pictures! Comment a positive note on another woman’s post.

Let’s create a force of positivity that’s so strong, it will carry you – and hundreds of other women – for the rest of your lives.

I’m so excited to experience Style School with you!

We start September 12th. See you there!

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