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The Best Hairstyles For Your Type 3 Children

The way you choose to style your appearance should directly reflect your inner personality. Not only can your looks help other people identify your personality faster, but the right style will also help you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. This same concept applies to your children and their style. You can help your child look and feel like themselves when you understand their Energy Type.

Learn how to use your understanding of your child’s Energy Type to support their journey to self-discovery. This blog will cover ideal hairstyles for Type 3 children.

How Can Energy Type Impact Style?

There are four Energy Types that shape our general characteristics at the most basic level. I help people understand which Energy Type they are, and then I show them how to dress according to Energy Type.

There are no hard and fast rules here because everyone should be able to style themselves in the way they feel best. However, my suggestions help cut through the clutter of fast fashion and help you understand what will most appeal to your inner self. Understanding these basic tenets of your personality will help you define your personal style in a way that is consistent with who you are.

Fashion is one of the best ways to understand someone when we meet for the first time. We assume a lot about other people based on how they do their hair and what clothing they wear. It’s called a first impression, and we do it on a subconscious level. Looks can certainly be deceiving, but it’s far less complicated when they aren’t!

Helping your child dress and style their hair in a way consistent with their personality will help people understand them better from the very start. Your child will feel seen when they can express what’s happening on the inside. While it is certainly not something to pick a battle over, you may find a hairstyle based on their Energy Type brings them a sense of relief because it naturally fits their vibration level.

What is the Type 3 Child?

Type 3 is the determined child. They move forward with passion and speed. They know what they want and are ready to pursue it. The Type 3 child is often fiery, competitive and passionate. They take a special kind of guidance to learn how to control that passion without stifling the spirit.

You really don’t want to get into a power struggle with a Type 3. They will put all their energy into battling you when they feel as if they are being suppressed and confined. They will actually find a lot of satisfaction in battling with you because it still feels like “pushing,” which offers a natural energy release. But, you want them pushing forward in a direction that is productive. The Type 3 child is highly responsive to encouragement and wants to feel heard.

You can read more about this in my book, The Child Whisperer.

How to Find the Ideal Hairstyle for a Type 3 Child

Edgy and dramatic are often the words used to describe Type 3 children. They are likely to feel drawn to loud, vivid and expressive styles.

Choose a Swift Result

Type 3 children are rarely willing to spend a lot of time on their hair because they are always ready for the next thing. Many of them don’t care much about whether their hair looks great because they are too busy pushing forward to even notice that they’ve tousled their hair in the process.

You want a style that can be quickly scrunched or side-swept to get the desired result. Don’t choose anything that is going to take a lot of time on a daily basis. Wash-and-wear hairstyles are also a good idea. The Type 3 will likely feel motivated to choose a hairstyle that is going to grow out well, allowing them to space haircuts further apart. It’s okay to choose a style that kind of looks like a “bedhead” and requires no brushing—your Type 3 child will thank you!

Edgy Styles are Key

Angles and texturized layers are a big hit in Type 3 personalities. Think flames and thorns when you are considering the finished approach for your Type 3’s hair. Longer styles can be cut at an angle or given textured layers to achieve this look.

The hair should give off the same “wild child” vibes that are true to the nature of your child (but in a slightly more organized and deliberate way!). Try for some volume in the hairstyle, parting longer hair on one side or sweeping shorter hair at an upward side-swept angle.

Make it Appealing

You won’t win over a Type 3 towards a specific hairstyle just because you say so. You need to be persuasive with reasons that appeal to them. Based on the previous two suggestions, you will want to:

  • Find a swift and edgy style that works with your child’s hair texture.
  • Explain to your child how this hairstyle benefits them (faster to do, fewer cuts, etc.)
  • Take the picture to your hairdresser and ask them to give you styling tips as well.
  • Use the right products (like gel or hairspray) for quick success.

Try a Flexible Hairstyle

A Type 3 child is the most likely of all the types to get bored with their hair and want to try something else. You can preemptively deal with this by choosing a haircut that will lend itself to more than one edgy hairstyle. A long, angled part on top with shaved-down sides, for example, can change into a mohawk or a quick top knot without another visit to the hairdresser. A shoulder-length long angled bob with medium-tight curls can be perfect for a versatile hairstyle—easily worn down or quickly pulled back.

The Right Up-Do for the Type 3 Child

Most Type 3 children aren’t going to be excited about sitting still for an up-do. However, sometimes the right up-do will look cool and allow them to keep long hair out of their face. All of these styles should be fairly simple with an unusual approach that is eye-catching and interesting in order to best reflect the Type 3 personality.

To give an up-do an edge, consider asymmetrical designs. For example, you can put in a few braids on one side of the head going back and leave the other side long. Leave out the ends and create a rough/bumpy texture if you pull up the hair into a bun. When you put in braids, try taking strands under instead of over to create the Dutch braid (or cornrow) style that is slightly edgier. You may want to pull a few pieces out around the face to frame your child’s features. For a ponytail, experiment with braids or “bumps” going back into the ponytail for a messy look, and then add a texturizing spray so the back of the ponytail looks edgy as well.

Parenting Through the Fire of Your Type 3 Child

You want to direct your child’s energy—not quench their fiery spirit! This can be especially challenging if you are not a Type 3 personality yourself. With Type 3 children, Type 1 parents tend to feel overpowered, Type 4 will feel overwhelmed and Type 2 will feel slightly exasperated. The Type 3 child is pushing ahead and rarely a people pleaser.

If you are struggling with personal style, parenting or confidence, I would love to help you find the right look for you and your kids. A Dressing Your Truth membership is a great place to start if you want to refine your style to match your personality.

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