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Tips to Find a Flattering, Knock-Out Swimsuit for Your Body Type

How to choose the perfect bathing suit for your body shape

We are heading full-on into swimsuit season.

This can be a challenge for many women as feeling “great” in swimwear isn’t typically the norm.

More than ever, we worry about the shape and size of our body, and most of the time, we feel self-conscious.

But you may be adding to this dilemma by choosing the wrong style of swimsuit for your body shape and size.

Your body type is perfect for you. But when you choose the wrong bathing suit, you aren’t going to feel great in your own skin!

Want to have a ball at the beach without being distracted from self-inhibition about your body? Follow these simple tips to choose a perfect swimsuit for you:

Best Swimsuit If You Have a Small Bust

  • You’ll look great in… Tankini and sport bra styles, padded cups to add volume, a horizontal neckline, or a blousy top. These will round out your figure well and complement your body type.
  • Avoid…Halter tops and low necklines will make your bust look even smaller.

Best Swimsuit If You Have a Large Bust

  • You’ll look great in… One-piece bathing suits with empire waists and full-coverage cups and wide straps. These will add extra support and give you confidence in your body type.
  • Avoid…Bikini cuts with little coverage and spaghetti straps. You’ll find yourself adjusting the fabric every few seconds, which could distract you from having a relaxing time in the sun!

Best Swimsuit If You Have a Long Torso

  • You’ll look great in…Horizontal lines in a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit. If you’re going for a two-piece, choose a sports top to create a more balanced, appealing look.
  • Avoid…Low-cut bikini styles and vertical stripes. These will add the appearance of even more length.

Best Swimsuit If You Have a Short Torso

  • You’ll look great in…Vertical stripes (surprise, surprise!) They’ll add length and create an optical illusion of height.
  • Avoid…One-piece bathing suits with a belt or defined waistline. This will break up your torso into smaller pieces, highlighting your short torso.

Best Swimsuit If You Have Large Hips or Backside

  • You’ll look great in…Skirted and short bottoms, fuller coverage in the back around your bottom, and one-piece bathing suits with a scooped back.
  • Avoid…Deep v-cuts and string bikinis. Just like if you have a large bust, you’ll find yourself fixing and pulling at your bathing suit bottoms if there’s not enough fabric to keep you comfortable.

Best Swimsuit If You Have Belly Bulge

  • You’ll look great…One-piece swimsuit or tankini style in solid colors and an empire waist or control top. High-waisted bottoms will match your body shape and can add confidence.
  • Avoid…Two-piece swimsuits that don’t cover your belly. Because swimsuits are form-fitting, two-piece suits that don’t cover your belly will accentuate it even more.

Best Swimsuit If You Are Short-Legged

  • You’ll look great in…High-cut legs and a solid one-piece that creates elongation.
  • Avoid…Shorts and skirted bottoms. These styles cut off the top of your legs and will make your legs appear even shorter.

Regardless of your body shape, here are a couple of extra tips to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect swimsuit:

  • While trying on the swimsuit, notice where your eye is first drawn. This will let you evaluate how flattering or not it is. You want your eye to be drawn to features that you’d like to highlight most.
  • Choose something comfortable! Take a few steps, stand up, sit down, twist and turn to determine how active you can be without having to tug and pull at your swimsuit all day.

Swimsuits can be challenging, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect swimsuit for your body shape. I know they have helped me feel more comfortable in a swimsuit.

But do you want to know what helped me feel even more comfortable in a swimsuit than dressing for my body type?

Discovering my Energy Type.

Many years ago, I learned that how I looked and felt had to do more with understanding my Energy Type and less about my body shape.

Understanding your unique movement and the way your nature expresses itself through your physical body can make a huge difference in your confidence level.

I invite you to discover your Type of beauty and gain an even deeper understanding and acceptance of your body.


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