Why Dressing for Body Types May Not Be the Answer

Hourglass? Pear-shaped? There's more to it than that...

Did you ever use a body shape calculator to help you learn about the different body types?

The idea behind dressing for your body type is to make sure you’re choosing clothes that sit beautifully on your body and complement your figure in a flattering way.

The problem with this idea, however, is that it can be both confusing and incomplete!

For example, there’s conflicting information about the names of the body types. You’ll find the most common, the hourglass body shape, the pear-shaped body, and the athletic body shape.

But then there’s inverted triangle, lean column, rectangle, circle, oval, apple—even a difference between “neat” and “full” hourglass!

Not to mention, a lot of the advice for each body shape changes regularly based on current fashion trends.

This confusion leaves you feeling frustrated, back at square one.

“What body type am I?” If you go by body shape alone, you could end up choosing clothes that are incorrect for you.

While body shape doesn’t need to be dismissed completely, it comes second to Dressing Your Truth.

For example:

If you have the hourglass shape, it’s recommended that you wear fitted, structured, and tailored clothes.

But if you are a soft, subtle Type 2 woman, following this advice will create discomfort in everything you wear. Type 2 women look better in more fluid designs that fit comfortably on the body.

Side by side image of woman before and after her makeover

Another example is the pear shape body type. If you have this body shape, it’s recommended that you wear scoop necks or scarves to draw the eyes upward.

But what if you’re a rich, dynamic Type 3 woman who looks better in v-necks? If you follow the advice of the body types, a scoop neck or scarf will create a look that goes against your Type of beauty and actually ages you.

side by side picture of a Type 3, Rosie before and after her makeover

Instead of asking, “What’s my body type” ask yourself, “What’s my Energy Type?”

I recommend discovering your Type of beauty first, and your body shape second.

When you take my free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course, you will easily discover which Type of beauty you are, based on your facial features, body language, personality, and thought processes. (Even your doodling and handwriting can be a clue for your Energy Type!)

Your next step is becoming your own style expert. You’ll be taught the 5 Components of Style and how you can put together a complete look with clothing, hair, makeup, accessories, and of course, your own inner confidence.

We guide you through a Before & After that gives you confidence for the rest of your life.

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