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Check Out These Top Hairstyle Ideas for Type 2 Kids

Soft hairstyles you'll both love

Are you dressing your truth and finding a style that aligns with your Energy Type? It is freeing to sync your looks with your feelings and natural personality. But, in this process to express our inner truths, we shouldn’t forget our children! Knowing your child’s Energy Type can help you understand them better than ever before.

When you understand the Energy Type of your child, you will know how to support your child’s nature rather than try to bend them to yours. And with that, you should help in self-discovery by supporting their style as well.

This blog covers ideal hairstyles for Type 2 children.

Does Your Energy Type Really Determine Your Style?

There are four Energy Types, and each one carries a different approach to life. My goal in helping people dress according to their Energy Type is to let their true colors shine.

When you dress your outside to match what’s inside, you allow people to see a piece of yourself. From the first impression, someone will be more likely to understand you as a person and work with you in a way that is accommodating to your Type.

There is a common saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, we judge one another by looks all the time. Most of the time, we do this with the best of intentions—we are looking for clues that help us know how to interact with them. One of the biggest clues for personality is often how the other person chooses to do their hair. For example, spiky non-traditional hairstyles might signify high energy and a naturally defiant attitude.

By helping your child find the right outward appearance, you will find they feel more comfortable with themselves as well. Many children (and adults!) don’t know what they want until they experience it for the first time. You may find the right hairstyle is something your child has already been asking for, or you may find that they feel a sense of relief with a new look they’ve never tried before.

What is the Type 2 Child?

Before diving into hair types, let’s talk about the Type 2 child. They are the sensitive child who feels everything deeply. They are emotionally connected to the world, often matching their energy vibrations to those around them.

The Type 2 child is soft and fluid. They need time and space to express themselves. Sometimes, they struggle to find the words to explain their thoughts. When this happens, they can start to get really whiny.

If you notice the frustrated whine of the Type 2 child, you need to help them find their words. Encourage them to explain their feelings with words instead of whining. Provide them with space to think without feeling rushed or stressed. A Type 2 child is highly responsive to a nurturing approach and will strive to make you happy.

How to Find the Ideal Hairstyle for a Type 2 Child

When it comes to hairstyles for the Type 2 child, softer looks tend to honor them. Here are five tips for finding the right hairstyle for your Type 2 kid.

Make Them Part of the Process

The need to be supported means you should be careful to include them in the process. The Type 2 child can often be pushed aside by a stronger Energy Type, but they will feel hurt and overlooked. While you can help guide them towards the best hairstyles, the ultimate decision should really come down to them.

Part of being a child is learning about how things work. Most of us take years (or decades!) to grow into a more mature and cohesive version of ourselves. Many of us still feel somewhat unsure of ourselves in adulthood. So, don’t expect your child to always have the right instincts. Let them learn about themselves by offering your guidance and not dictation.

Typically, the Type 2 child will need time to process changes to things like their appearance. Give them the time and encouragement to make this move from a place of free will.

Choose Soft Styles

Most Type 2 kids have softer waves in their hair. To capitalize on this natural feature, choose hairstyles that are softer. The gentle look of the Type 2 hairstyle will mimic their soft and fluid nature.

To achieve this look, create blending toward the face. Allow the hair to remain longer—never spiky, choppy or buzzed. Using outer layers, create a soft inward movement of the hair that draws inward and downward—similar to their natural energy.

Have a Finished Style in Mind

Type 2 children can be detailed and want to be comfortable with their look. To help your child achieve this, you can show the salon the final image of a style. With a style goal in mind, you will have something to aim for each day.

  • Choose an image with a similar type of hair
  • Try a style that ends above the cheek or drops lower than the cheek for elongation.
  • Look for styles that show downward, inward moving energy
  • Side parts naturally complement the Type 2 energy—flowing over and down
  • Consider styles with soft bangs, waves or a combover

Ask the salon to style it similar to the picture after the haircut is complete. This can give you a better idea of how to achieve the desired result. Always listen if the hairstylist expresses concern that a style won’t work for your child’s hair type. You do not want to end up with a stressed-out kid because the hair doesn’t look like the picture, and they don’t know how to style it.

Choose Stress-Free Hairstyles

The best bet is to choose an easy hairstyle so your child can succeed each day. You want them to be able to get ready easily and avoid unnecessary stress. With an easy hairstyle, your child will feel more confident about their appearance and ability to get themselves ready.

Easy hairstyles include ones that take minimal combing, gel or styling each day. For many Type 2 kids, looking for cuts that show off natural lose-waves means they don’t have to worry about curing, straightening or spritzing their hair every day.

The Right Up-Do for the Type 2 Child

The Type 2 child is more free-flowing, so they will probably want to keep their hair down often. If you do need to pull their hair back, try a loose and simple braid or low ponytail. For more elegant occasions, a loose half-up with soft waves can give a very regal look.

Parenting Your Child to Empower Them

In my book The Child Whisperer, I discuss how to get on the same page as your child. I want you to learn how to see and hear your child for who they are—not who you are.

Many of us experienced our parents doing the best they could but still failing to really understand us. We learned toxic traits that have plagued us in adulthood, and we don’t want to pass that on to our kids. But, our children are hard to understand, and we get overwhelmed by the magnitude of our role as parents.

I want to encourage you to just keep improving and trying. I see you and know you are doing a great job of trying to care for your kids in the best way possible. First, I want you to get to know more about yourself and your kids. Join Dressing Your Truth membership to gain additional access to tutorials and personalized style shortcuts. Join our community of like-minded women who are ready to look the way they feel inside.

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