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Yep, It’s This Easy to Determine Your Secondary as a Type 1 #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

You can see yourself in all of the secondaries—how do you choose?

As a Type 1 woman, you’re adaptable and can see yourself in any of the Types. How do you determine your secondary when you have this tendency?

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, my Type 1 guests will help you narrow down your secondary and stop the revolving-door process you find yourself in!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(6:00) – Being adaptable is a great gift, but knowing your secondary will help ground you in staying true to yourself in scenarios where it’s not in your best interest to adapt. Also, when you determine your secondary, it can bring a lot of understanding when you see where your “high energy” combo falls in the line-up of all 12 Energy Type combos.

(11:30) – Have you seen the new Lifestyle video, Which Flavor of Type 1 Energy Are You? I encourage you to watch it and especially listen to the discussion about how Type 1 energy is “social” and what that means when you consider secondary energy.

(16:05) – Meet Patty my first guest who knows she’s a Type 1/4 and shares how originally mis-profiling herself as Type 3 led her to see her Type 1 nature. She speaks to the Lifestyle videos about secondaries that really supported her in determining her secondary.

(30:30) – My second guest is Christine who’s narrowed her secondary down to Type 2 or Type 4. Her style choices are giving me a big clue to her secondary. Yes, it’s this easy!

(49:20) – We close the show by sharing a quote from my book, Mastering Affluence that helps you craft your own experience of well-being and ease.

How did this episode help you determine your secondary energy? I’d love to hear your “aha” story!

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