Type 1 Eating Tendencies That Cause You to Gain Weight

The "absent-minded eater" - do you have this habit?

Type 1’s, do you relate to the term, absent-minded eater?

As we talk about what this means, you may realize it’s a pattern you have that could be sabotaging you from creating a healthy, balanced weight.

Your natural movement feeds into every area of your life, so your movement as a Type 1 influences your eating tendencies as well. As a Type 1, you have a random, upward, light, spontaneous, upbeat energy. You like to connect, disconnect, and bounce from one thing to another. You often say things like, “This is so much fun!”

Let’s talk about how your Type 1 tendencies are related to your eating habits!

(2:10) – Two places your absent-minded tendencies show up during your day. If gone unchecked, they can be destructive.

(5:18) – 2 tips to find balance and fun with your food as you introduce “Mindful Snacking” into your daily routine.

You’re the fun-loving energy in this world! You’re the bright light we need. It’s not helpful for you to weigh yourself down with extra weight. Lighten your body up with new choices and by finding a positive support system.

As a Type 1, you benefit from having a cheering section. That’s what my Healing Center Facebook group gives to all its members. In fact, on January 17th, I’m guiding all of the Healing Center members through the Weight Loss Cure. It’s a powerful experience when we all do it together.

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