Type 2 Eating Tendencies That Cause You to Gain Weight

The "comfort eater" - do you relate to that label for you?

Type 2’s, do you relate to the term, comfort eater?

As we talk about what this means, you may realize it’s a pattern you have that could be sabotaging you from creating a healthy, balanced weight.

Your natural movement feeds into every area of your life, so your movement as a Type 2 influences your eating tendencies as well. As a Type 2, you have a relaxed, gentle, and downward natural movement. You have an emotional connection to the world, and you’re sensitive in many ways.

Let’s talk about how your Type 2 tendencies are related to your eating habits!

I got these tips from Type 2 Expert Anne who has maintained a healthy weight using her Type 2 nature to her benefit.

(4:55) – But first! I pull a card from our brand new Weight Loss Healing Card deck. This deck is full of positive affirmations to support you on your journey of creating a healthy relationship with food and with your body.

(6:35) – Let’s face it – you’re going to want comfort foods. Create a practice where you enjoy healthy comfort foods that still hit the spot without compromising your wellbeing. Anne shares her own personal favorites here. This is a game-changer!

(8:30) – This second tip from Anne technically isn’t about food. But it makes a huge difference, and it’s one you may have never heard of before!

As a Type 2, you love connecting with others and supporting each other. That’s what my Healing Center Facebook group gives to all its members. In fact, on January 17th, I’m guiding all of the Healing Center members through the Weight Loss Cure. It’s a powerful experience when we all do it together.

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