Type 3 Eating Tendencies That Cause You to Gain Weight

"Starve and binge eater" - does that sound like you?

Type 3’s, do you relate to the label, starve and binge eater?

As we talk about what this means, you may realize it’s a pattern you have that could be sabotaging you from creating a healthy, balanced weight.

Your nature feeds into every area of your life, so your movement as a Type 3 influences your eating tendencies as well. As a Type 3, you have more of an intense, push-forward, substantial natural movement. You have a physical connection to the world, and you love to move things into motion to get results.

Let’s talk about how your Type 3 tendencies are related to your eating habits!

(4:48) – But first! I recommend you watch this video: A Surprising Reason You Can’t Lose Weight. It’s going to be insightful and healing for your Type 3 tendencies.

(7:35) – Tip #1: Be Prepared. Listen to why preparing your food ahead of time will be the best decision you make every day for your health.

(9:30) – Tip #2: Smaller Plates. This will help you tune into your body and not binge when you sit down to eat!

Ready to heal your issue with food and weight gain?

On January 17th, I’m guiding all of the Healing Center members through the Weight Loss Cure. It’s a powerful experience when we all do it together.

As a Type 3, you love to see big results of the actions you take. That’s why my Healing Center Facebook group will be beneficial to you. The supportive energy of the members will inspire and motivate you to continue toward your goals and “get it done!”

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