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Vibrant Makeup Looks: Use Color Without Looking Crazy

Have you been playing it safe? Try something new with color!

Bringing color into your everyday look doesn’t have to be complicated, or look like too much.

With simple to master techniques and quality products, you can incorporate vibrant colors with pro-level results. The Dressing Your Truth Makeup Collections take the guesswork out of selecting color combos so that you can wear your favorite looks (or try something new) with confidence.

Watch the video for your Type of beauty (or all four for extra tips) as your DYT Expert walks you through a simple and colorful makeup look. Featuring new items and classic favorites.

Type 1, Feel like a unicorn fairy princess with Jaleah’s magical makeup look!

  • (1:04) Eyes, (6:44) Cheeks, (7:14) Lips

Type 2, Go a little deeper with Anne’s dreamy dark tones look.

  • (00:21) Eyes, (12:32) Cheeks, (12:55) Lips

Type 3, Try something new with Anna K’s berry-beautiful look!

  • (00:30) Eyes, (8:28) Cheeks, (10:37) Lips

Type 4, Be color confident with Kalista’s fresh blue and green look.

  • (00:56) Eyes, (10:16) Cheeks, (10:57) Lips

Try something new with your makeup this fall!

Shop the New Fall Collections!

Brushes and Tools used:

Type 1 Unicorn Beauty Collection

Type 2 Lovely Neutrals Collection

Type 3 Berry Beautiful Collection

Type 4 Citrus Orchard Collection

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