Guided Visualization to Create the Perfect Day


5 minutes and your day will be immensely better.

We’re going to set your energy and the energy of your environment into motion to create your perfect day as a parent.

Listen and then adapt to your specific situation for good days from here on out.

To create your perfect day, click play:

Quote of the day:

“In motherhood, we easily get distracted by all the doings. Let’s refocus on how everybody’s feeling. What’s the general mood of your children? Are they happy? Are they at peace?”

Callers This Week…

1. Email. How do I help my TYPE 2 child overcome anxiety? (Listen at 29:40)

This child is not feeling safe, even when he’s reassured that everything’s fine. Find out what this child needs to learn about himself and which resources above can be helpful.

2. Email, TYPE 1 Energy. The class I teach loves me, but I have a hard time disciplining them. Advice? (Listen at 32:44)

This teacher needs to step into a different energetic space in order to be seen and respected as the adult in the classroom.

3. Email. How do I get over not wanting kids? My husband wants them but I don’t. (Listen at 35:56)

There’s something this listener’s inner child is trying to say. Learn what it is during this segment.

4. Email, TYPE 4 Energy. How do I help my TYPE 4 daughter who melts down about anything that’s not “perfect”? (Listen at 37:54)

I offer some phrases these parents can use to draw a boundary and influence this relationship more.

5. Lori, TYPE 1 Energy.  How do I motivate my TYPE 2 son when he doesn’t want to do something? His pace is so slow. (Listen at 42:33)

This mother and son are stuck in a cycle where they expect something from each other every time. We talk through a lot of great ideas of what that is and how to learn from the past—both for your children and yourself.

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