“Are You My Type?” Did You Marry the Type You Dated?

How to use Energy Profiling to navigate (new and old) relationships

Take a look back on your dating years.

Have you always been attracted to the same “Type” of partner as the one you married? I find it interesting that in relationships, we use a lot of language that supports the system of Energy Profiling!

Think about how often you’ve said one of these phrases:

He’s just my type!

We have great chemistry!

Are you my type?

What it means when you have a “type.”

Energy Profiling is a system based on movement and energy. That energy comes from the four main elements that everything in this physical world is made of: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon (or air, water, fire, and earth). These elements have their own distinct movement and characteristics.

Every person leads with one of these four dominant expressions as well, and this is what is referred to as an Energy Type. Naturally, strengths and challenges arise when two people of different (or the same) Energy Types get together!

Suddenly the phrase, “They are not my type” has a lot more meaning. And since the four elements are chemical elements, saying, “We have great chemistry” makes much more sense too!

How can this information help you while dating?

If I were single, I would use Energy Profiling to know if the person I was dating was my “Type.”

My daughter Anne had this information to guide her dating choices. In fact, she dated a man of each Type to see what her preferences were. In the end, she fell in love with an active, reactive Type 3 man! When my Type 4 son, Mark, started dating his Type 1 wife, Jaleah, he introduced her to Energy Profiling on their second date so she would have the insights he had to explain their differences.

If you’re single, have some fun using Energy Profiling as a tool to help you meet the person who’s the right “Type” for you!

Energy Profiling can make a big difference in your marriage too.

In our early years of marriage, my husband Jon (Type 2) wanted me (Type 3) to be a soft and calm woman, which only made my determined nature appear more fiery and abrupt to him. I wanted him to be a go-getter and make things happen, which only made his more relaxed subtle nature seem like it was on pause all of the time!

We wanted each other to be the energy of our own Types—and it’s one of the reasons we had conflict.

When I saw this clip in the animated movie, Zooptopia, it brought me back to my early days of marriage, where I felt like the rabbit and Jon was the sloth!

Energy Profiling was the missing piece that helped Jon and I understand why we approach life so differently. Now we are able to support each other more easily.

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