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How Each Type of Woman Shames Her Body & How To Stop

Here's a better way to love your body type—instead of shaming it

Body shaming—it’s all around us through blatant and subtle messages in magazines, on TV shows, or even during conversations with other people.

You’ve probably taken on the negative, collective energy of shaming yourself because it feels easy. But there’s a better way to live. You can change the scripts of body shaming in a few simple ways, and it all depends on the Type of woman you are!

In my system of Energy Profiling, I teach that there are 4 Types of people in the world. Each person is born with and expresses unique energy that they move with throughout their lives.

Whichever one you are, each Type of woman shames her body in a specific way. How does she do this? Let’s take a look.

Bright & animated Type 1 woman

Type 1 movement is light, bright, animated, and buoyant. Out of all the Types, you like to keep things playful. Type 1 women shame their bodies by making fun of themselves. They giggle while making lighthearted, negative jokes about their bodies or other women’s appearances.

How to stop: You love to have fun, so make it a game to say kind compliments about other women, and then give the same compliment to yourself in your mind at the same time. You are your biggest cheerleader! Now you can be the cheerleader of other women and yourself.

Soft & subtle Type 2 woman

Type 2 movement is soft, calming, gentle, and sensitive. Type 2 women shame their bodies by apologizing for their appearance or body type. You want to make everyone else comfortable, so you shame yourself first so others can feel at ease. Or you join in with negative remarks about your appearance if your friends are doing it so they don’t feel so bad. Since your Type 2 energy moves inward, you hold this shame inside as well.

How to stop: You have an emotional connection to the world, so allow your emotions to lead you. Have a good cry when emotions rise up. Write love letters to yourself, to your body, thanking it for all it’s done for you and how lovely it is without changing anything. Journal about your feelings on a regular basis to stay connected to your inner voice.

Rich & dynamic Type 3 woman

Type 3 energy is active, reactive, swift, and determined. Type 3 women shame their bodies by feeling as though they’re not doing enough to get the body they want. You think you should be doing more, working out harder, pushing your body, or eating less because you want results faster.

How to stop: You will wear your body down at this rate! Take the pressure off yourself by seeing how much you are doing and acknowledging the progress you’re making. In what ways can you focus on how hard your body works for you? Go for a Gratitude Walk and with each step, speak out loud all the gratitude you have for your body.

(I teach you how to do healing walks in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Join today to heal the relationship you have with your body.)

Bold & striking Type 4 woman

Type 4 energy is reflective, concise, still, and constant. Type 4 women shame their bodies by criticizing themselves. Your high standards may lead you to have an unreasonable and distorted view of what you think your body should look like. You have a black-or-white, all-or-nothing tendency that may make you believe your body is never good enough.

How to stop: Start recognizing what’s right and good about your body. Focus on the language you use: what do you value about your body? Speak those things out loud. The more energy you place on these good things, the more you will naturally let go of self-criticism and shift into a mindset of appreciation.

Your body wants you to recognize the truth of who you are. Your body is no longer willing to be shamed by you.

Do you believe that? Will you allow your body to believe it?

I am grateful to be a part of something that I believe to be divinely orchestrated. It’s called Dressing Your Truth. I’m grateful for the tens of thousands of women around the world who are a part of this movement in our community.

By joining us, you will let go of years of baggage that are keeping you in a shame-based mindset. Embrace your Type of beauty so you can see the person you are meant to be.

Start your Before & After today!

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