What Is Your Beauty 6th Sense & Why Does it Matter?

When you listen to that inner guidance, your whole style starts to support you.

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain style without knowing why? All you know is that you love it. You love how it looks, and more importantly, you love how you feel in it!

Every woman has this intuitive guide of what will honor her natural beauty, and I call it her Beauty Sixth Sense.

But very few women have developed this sixth sense because the fashion world only offers them one system, one that is based on styles and trends. It has never offered a program that teaches you how to tap into this sixth sense and develop it.

Dressing Your Truth is a program that honors your Beauty Sixth Sense. When you discover your Type of beauty, it will become easier for you to tune in and understand how your personality, body language, and physical features influence what will look best on you.

Here are Beauty Sixth Sense Tips for every Type of woman:

Bright, Animated Type 1 Woman

Because you naturally have a light and buoyant nature, it’s important to wear clothes that feel light and free on your body. If it feels heavy and cumbersome to you, it’s going against your Beauty Sixth Sense. Just ask yourself these questions when you are trying something on, “Does this feel light on my body?” and “Do I feel free in it?” If you can say yes, you are honoring your sixth sense.

Soft, Subtle Type 2 Woman

You have a natural instinct for comfort, and it’s your nature to be very aware if something is comfortable for you. Your sensitivity to comfort needs to be honored in how you dress and accessorize. If what you’re putting on your body isn’t comfortable for you, it’s going against your Beauty Sixth Sense. I’m sure you already do this, but now you can do it with greater honor and respect for your more sensitive nature. Be sure to ask yourself these questions when you are trying something on, “Does it feel comfortable?” and “Does it support my sensitive nature?”

Rich, Dynamic Type 3 Woman

You’re a determined woman and you prefer to accomplish tasks swiftly and practically. Honor this natural movement by shopping for sales and shopping in spurts. Make sure you have a no-fuss hairstyle that can look great in 10 to 20 minutes. Dressing Your Truth gives you the tools to do this and look amazing every day of your life. Don’t let your practical nature keep you from investing in yourself. I have seen too many Type 3 women think they know what they’re doing without the correct tools, like our Style & Pattern Guides. They end up wasting more money in the long run.

Bold, Stunning Type 4 Woman

You have a natural gift for structure and order in your life. Your exact nature needs to be honored in how you dress and accessorize. You’re very aware of how a garment fits on your body and prefer to have an exact fit. If what you’re putting on your body doesn’t fit you exactly according to your specifications, you won’t be drawn to wearing it. If you have compromised on this, these are the garments that hang ignored in your closet. You’ll always choose to wear clothes that fit you more perfectly. Honor your beauty sixth sense and make sure what you buy fits you exactly how you want it to, or make sure you can take it to a tailor to get that fit!

Why your beauty sixth sense matters

When you pay attention to how you feel in different clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles, your Beauty Sixth Sense will start to speak to you.

Here’s what Type 3 Kim B. says about her beauty sixth sense:

“This weekend marks my 1 year anniversary of DYT. What I have realized is my beauty sixth sense was already strong. I was just scared to embrace it. I have a love of denim, vests, dusters, fedoras, and anything that gives me a casual, cool edgy boho vibe. I know what I like and should trust and embrace it.”

You have an instinct for what looks and feels best on your body—every woman does. Your beauty truly does start on the inside, and once you start Dressing Your Truth, you will have connected to the natural instinct you have to know what looks best on you because it feels correct on you.

Start your Before & After today!

Bless you,

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