What Type is the Year 2023? Choose Your Word & Color of the Year.

New year, new energy, new colors!

What is the energy of 2023, and what does numerology tell us about it?

Everything is energy in our universe. So what is the energetic meaning behind this year? How will it influence your style and your lifestyle? Let’s find out!

The Energy Types & 2023

Look at the year 2023, and you’ll see both Type 2 and Type 3 energy.

Type 2 energy: Type 2 energy is teaching us how to be heartfelt, civil people in a world where we’re experiencing each other more and more through technology. We connect more through videos, texts, zoom meetings, etc than we do in person. We need to learn how to connect with our hearts, especially when we are not physically next to someone. Be the person who brings that heartfelt connection to all of your experiences.

Type 3 energy: Do you feel a push to move forward lately? That’s the energy as well this year. Type 3 energy pushes us forward, so listen to it. It’s time to get going, now that we’re a couple of years after the world trauma. What do you want? It’s time to move forward and move into action.

What Does Numerology Tell Us About 2023?

When looking at 2023, we get 2+0+2+3 = 7, and in numerology ‘7’ represents deeper, inner wisdom. This year is all about Insight, Inspiration, and Intuition. Your Crown Chakra is the 7th chakra, and it is all about Divine guidance, eternal wisdom. Read about how you can open and honor your 7th chakra in my book, the Modern Chakra Guide.

This year, more than ever before, it is so important to pay attention to what is correct for you. Think about a time when you had that deep confidence of knowing something. “I know what to do, and I feel strongly about it.”

If you don’t listen to your own intuition, you’ll end up listening to someone or something else outside of you. When things don’t go well, you’ll find yourself saying, “I knew I should have listened to myself!”

The lesson of 2023 will be all about how well we’re following our inner wisdom, and it will be made clear when we’re not. Here’s how to align with the energy of 2023 instead of being at odds with it!

Tips for each Type to make the most out of 2023:

(5:31) – Type 1: Light, Bright, Animated, Buoyant

You have a tendency to have a lot of ideas and then bounce those ideas off of other people. You say yes too quickly, but that whole process isn’t coming from your inner wisdom. When you turn to external methods for guidance, the answer becomes less clear to you.

Remember: it’s okay to talk to other people, but don’t let their opinions or strong beliefs determine what is true and correct for you.

Use this Type 1 affirmation for 2023: “I’m grateful that my inner wisdom is guiding me to move forward on the best and most timely ideas that are coming to me.”

(6:35) – Type 2: Soft, Subtle, Fluid, Flowing

You move inward first, with your introvert energy that connects you to your feelings. But sometimes this process makes you focus on worry and concern. Too often, you default to making decisions from a preventative nature. You want to do what is correct, while also covering your bases. “Well, I’ll do this just in case.” But this often takes priority over confidently choosing what is correct for you.

Use this Type 2 affirmation for 2023: “I’m grateful that I am grounded in my inner wisdom and flowing forward as I am being guided to do in my life.”

(8:41) – Type 3: Rich, Dynamic, Active, Reactive

You’re swift to take action before tuning inward and taking a moment. My advice? Stop doing multiple things all at once! Try to just do one thing at a time, so you can check in and know whether or not it’s correct for you. Bring yourself and your decisions back into stillness. Go within. One example is when you’re driving, try turning off all the music or podcasts. Just allow yourself to be present and do one thing at a time. Or try an active meditation practice when you use your Creation Journal.

Use this Type 3 affirmation for 2023: “I am grateful I am taking the time in the moment to support me in being still and turning within.”

(11:03) – Type 4: Bold, Striking, Stunning, Constant

You have the ability to be very logical about your life. And yet, is logic aligning with your inner wisdom? Not always. So make sure to go inward and examine this process. Don’t try to turn off the process of logic—it’s so natural for you. But you can be even more intentional about checking your logic and making sure it’s not overriding your inner wisdom. You’re great at finding balance, so find balance between your logical and intuitive mind.

Use this Type 4 affirmation for 2023: “I am grateful my logical mind is connected and balanced with my intuitive mind.”

(12:53) – Choose a Color of the Year

White, crystal, and purple are the colors of the Crown Chakra, which is the 7th chakra. So this year, my color is going to be violets, purples, and pinks. Consider choosing that as your color palette for 2023 as well! But make sure you use the Style Guide to pick the violets, purples, and pinks that are correct for your Type of beauty.

(14:05) – Choose Your Word for the Year

It’s common in our Dressing Your Truth community for everyone to choose a word for the year. See if it feels correct for you to choose one that aligns with the numerology and energetic meaning: Insight, Inspiration, and Intuition.

Don’t know your Energy Type yet?

Let this be the year you find out!

Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!

You may have been living true to that Energy Type your entire life, but until you know which Type you actually are, you won’t have the awareness that allows you to really be true to yourself. And living true to yourself is very much what this year is all about.

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