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What Type of Grandma Are You?

All about you as a Grandma—or Grandmother...Mimi...Granny...

Calling all Grandmas! How does your Type show up in your grand-parenting style?

You may have an idea in your mind of what the quintessential grandma looks like—but at DYT, we know how much your Energy Type influences everything in your life, including the way you show your love for your grandkids!

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Based on the natural movement of the 4 Energy Types, each Type tends to have specific tendencies they’re drawn to in their role as a grandparent. Let’s look at which one you most relate to!

Not a Grandma yourself? You’ll still enjoy this article! As you read the rest, think about your own mother or grandmother and see if you can Type them!

What Type of Grandma Are You Based On Your Type?

Type 1 – The Fun-Loving Grandma

Type 1 energy is animated, light, buoyant, and fresh. People who express Type 1 energy are positive, uplifting, and have a gift for new ideas and seeing all the possibilities.

Type 1 Grandmas like to have fun with their grandchildren. They like to tell stories, poems, and rhymes, do “happy dancing” with the kids, along with activities and games that feel silly and light.

While any Type of grandma can have a unique nickname, it’s the most common for Type 1—it’s very rare for them to be called just “grandma.” More than any of the other Types, they’re called fun grandma names: Nana, Mimi, Granny, G-ma, or Meems.

Lifestyle member Type 1 Roseanna shares, “I am a Type 1 called Granny or Granny Nanny. I do silly faces, and songs with my littlest. I am the sewing granny and fix things for the older boys.”

Debbi’s story is so cute: “I’m a Type 1 grandmother! My fun name is DeDe. I chose it because (selfishly) I thought they would say my name first -they did 😇. I taught Pre-K and Kindergarten for many years, so I know all of the fun things!”

Katie shares, “I’m Grandma Katie! The kids say I’m funny! I love putting together a bag of tricks when I visit. (During the pandemic I mailed them) Games, experiments, creative activities.”

Type 2 – The Sweet & Sensitive Grandma

Type 2 energy is soft, soothing, and subtle. People who express Type 2 energy are peaceful, gentle, and have a natural gift for gathering details and bringing calming energy to those around them.

Type 2 Grandmas like to connect with their grandchildren.

They have a natural, calming warmth that draws their grandchildren to them when they need extra comfort or one-on-one time. Type 2 people are gifted at listening and making the person they’re talking to feel seen and appreciated. Type 2 Grandmas do this effortlessly!

Rebecca: “I’m a Type 2 so the private moments have been more important than the play or gifts…though there were those too. My only Type 2 granddaughter is the closest to me. We “share” the most.

Susan: “I love reading to my granddaughter and holding her and rocking her to sleep 💗

Joan: “Type 2 here and I am Grammy. My daughter appreciates that I am not the junk food grandparent. We do one on one stuff together. I think sometimes my Type 1 granddaughter needs a little lower energy time with me. She lives in a high energy household!”

Type 3 – The Practical & Active Grandma

Type 3 energy is substantial, rich, and active. People who express Type 3 energy are dynamic, passionate, and determined.

Type 3 Grandmas like to get out and get things done with their grandchildren. They’re known for planning outings with the kids – whether it’s for a treat, a trip, a hike. They like seeing the result of these things as well, especially the reaction of the grandchildren!

Sandy shares, “When they were younger I babysat a lot and we had adventure outings. We always have themed family BD parties where the child secretly picks a theme and collaboration takes place with only me and we shop for the decorations and also make some and surprise the family on party day. They are teens now and still love it! The themes have become so creative!

Leah: “I have a Type 3 grandson and a Type 1 granddaughter. Me and my lil Type 3 boy love to roughhouse! He loves to be thrown up in the air or onto the bed and tickled. Both kids are such snugglers and I’m happy to join in!”

Melissa: “I love to DO activities…. cooking, baking, making play dough and sculpting, jumping on the trampoline or swimming in the pool!”

Type 4 – The Consistent & Enchanting Grandma

Type 4 energy is refined, bold, and still. People who express Type 4 energy are stunning, balanced, and have a gift of perfecting.

Type 4 Grandmas like to teach kindness, manners, tradition, structure, and etiquette to their grandchildren—even if it’s just by example. They’re known for being that constant presence of grounding, quiet time, or meaningful interactions. They love to give books as gifts and read to their grandchildren.

Trudi: “Everyone needs a space where their hearts can rest and that is me. I don’t plan big activities like a Type 3, but I can come along side and quietly join into their fun. I can laugh and play makeup with a Type 1. Through all things I am there with a quiet still love that is steady and unchanging. I want to be the rock they can cling to when their world is turned upside down by life.”

Patty: “I plan a cousin camp every year. I plan activities and bring my “fun bag” with me when watching kids. Always prepared because I’m a NO TV or screen time grandma.

Type 4 Expert Deborah shares, “Family Sunday dinner is a big tradition at our house, and the grandchildren that are old enough help set the table using special dinnerware, napkins, and goblets. We have a library loft with a wall of children’s books for every holiday, occasion, or interest. So reading time is a regular activity with Mima, especially during the holidays. When they need or want something, I will make sure they have it with parents okay. LOL. They call my living room the “no-no room” where they can go in and look around at family photos and memorabilia but keep their hands behind their backs so they don’t touch breakables. But the rest of the house and the backyard is designed with them in mind for fun and play. They know there are plenty of toys and games to play with when they come over, and that everything has its put-away place when they’re done. Lots of singing (they say Mima has a song for everything), dancing, big hugs, and quiet time cuddles.

Now it’s your turn: leave a comment below sharing your Type and your tendencies as a Grandma!

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