What Do Your Doodles Say About You & Your Style?

The way you doodle reveals a lot about you!

Ever wondered what your doodle designs mean? Well, they can tell you a lot about your Energy Type and the styles you prefer. (And don’t worry—if you don’t doodle, that’s also insight!)

Let’s look at your own doodle art. Think of the shapes and designs you default to without even realizing it. Which one sounds most like you?

  1. Animated doodles, like stars, hearts, daisies, and cheerful shapes.
  2. Flowing, connected doodles, like connected lines, s-curves, elegant loops, and soft curves.
  3. Geometric doodles, like triangles and irregular patterns, all drawn with firm pressure.
  4. You don’t doodle.

Based on your answer, now have a look at what your doodles say about you and your style!

1. If you draw animated doodles, you are most like a…

Fun-loving, Type 1 woman!

You doodle to add some brightness and fun to your experience, in meetings, in your journal, your to-do list. You enjoy variety and spontaneity, and you can clearly see that in your doodles. If your world gets too serious and structured, you feel heavy and bogged down and cannot as easily share your brilliance with the world.

You may have been told you’re not serious enough, so you try to be more serious, yet it takes the fun out of life. You enjoy putting a smile on another’s face and are very satisfied if you can help cheer someone up!

Your personal style can be confusing as you love variety, but you end up with a lot of stuff in your closet you don’t love. You may even have a lot of black in your wardrobe as you want people to take you more seriously and you think wearing black will help with that. You want to have more fun with your wardrobe, but don’t know how to achieve that and still look classy.

2. If you draw flowing, connected doodles, you are most like a…

Detailed, Type 2 woman!

You love to have a plan, and you doodle to help connect your thoughts and calm yourself down. You do not enjoy or feel comfortable being put on the spot, you can’t access how you truly feel about something.

You are aware of comfort in all things – the clothes on your body, the feel of a room, the comfort of others, and your doodles reflect that insight. You may have been told you are too emotional and you need to toughen up. You have tried to be more thick-skinned and even have learned to swallow your tender emotions, yet it just wears you out and can even make you sick.

Due to your subdued nature, you think you need to brighten yourself up more, so you dress in brighter colors and even go for a lighter hair color. You don’t love it, as you feel overpowered by these choices. You want to feel soft and elegant in your clothes, but not fade into the background.

3. If you draw geometric doodles, you are most like a…

Determined, Type 3 woman!

You go after what you want and love a good challenge. You are dynamic and strong—just like the geometric designs you doodle. If someone says to you, “You can’t or shouldn’t do that” it strikes in you a desire to prove them wrong. You may have been told you are pushy, overbearing, or too aggressive. You have tried to soften yourself, yet you don’t see the point.

You really enjoy moving people and projects into action to get a lot done. You often over-do it and burn yourself out. You doodle when you are in meetings or on the phone with someone to keep your hands busy, as you generally don’t sit still for very long.

In an effort to not come across too pushy, you have tried to soften yourself with your hairstyle and clothing choices! Yet, you feel and look frumpy in them. You want to be more daring with your style, but you don’t think you can pull it off! You may own a lot of black clothes as it’s easy and fast to find.

4. If you don’t doodle, you are most like an…

Analytical, Type 4 woman!

You really don’t doodle—why would you clutter up your paper? Instead, you see imperfections and errors in the written word and edit in your mind. You enjoy balance and symmetry in space and design. You have a keen mind that can see the opportunity to improve systems and spaces.

You may have been told you are too serious and a know-it-all. You try and lighten yourself up, be more outgoing and friendly, but it just exhausts you.

Your personal style is simple and minimal. You keep trying to branch out, but you keep coming back to the same basics you love. You may tend to wear grey a lot so you don’t seem too bold or overbearing to others; grey is your safe color, but it lacks the strength that you naturally have as a woman.

Now it’s your turn: leave a comment below sharing a picture of your own doodles and if it matches your Energy Type!

Don’t know your Energy Type yet?

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I look forward to hearing your story!


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