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What Your Favorite Time of Day Says About You

The time of day you love the most says a lot about your personality!

What is your favorite time of day?

There are usually four answers to this question—did you know that’s because there are 4 different Types of people who each prefer a certain time of day?

If you’ve never considered that before, I invite you to discover even more about your true nature by learning about the 4 Energy Types.

The four Energy Types are expressed everywhere in the natural world. Energy Profiling is a system based on movement, and everything in our world leads with a dominant Energy Type: flowers, pets, and yes, even people!

Here are 4 different times of the day and how your favorite one tells you who you are:

  1. Sunrise – The light and cheerful time of day – Energy Type 1

  2. Sunrise reflects Type 1 energy, which is animated, upward, and radiant. People who express Type 1 energy are positive, see all the possibilities, and have new ideas.

    The rising of the sun represents a new day, a new beginning, and a fresh start on life. The sun is a symbol of awakening and brightness. Its bright shine in the morning brings a joyful smile to anyone’s face—just like a Type 1 person does.

  3. Dusk – The subtle and muted time of day – Energy Type 2

  4. Dusk is connected to Type 2 energy, which is soft, soothing, and fluid. People who express Type 2 energy are peaceful, gentle, and tranquil.

    After the sun has set and before it grows dark, we tend to slow down, come to the end of our day, and feel the need to relax. At dusk, the sky is very soft, and the lighting is blended. Just like a Type 2 person, the energy of dusk brings a feeling of calmness to everyone.

  5. Sunset – The rich & dynamic time of day – Energy Type 3

  6. Sunsets are closely related to Type 3 energy, which is substantial, powerful, and vivid. People who express Type 3 energy tend to be active, driven, and fiery in their movement.

    As the sun is setting, the sky grows rich in dramatic color. The light forms angular shapes, and the horizon appears to be very textured. Type 3 people bring a warmth and vitality to those around them, just like the ever-captivating scene of a sunset.

  7. Late night/early morning – The still & constant time of day – Type 4

  8. Late night and/or early morning reveal Type 4 energy, which is bold, reflective, and serene. People who express Type 4 energy are perceptive, mysterious, and stunning.

    During the late night or early morning, the world is quiet with a stillness in the air. Without all the bustle and noise, a Type 4 person’s mind is clear. They can enjoy the solitude while everyone else sleeps.

Now it’s your turn: leave a comment below sharing your favorite time of day and your Energy Type!

Don’t know your Energy Type yet?

I invite you to take my free Energy Profiling course to discover more about your Energy Type and how you move throughout the world. In the course, pay close attention to the way each Energy Type is expressed in nature.

To learn even more about the four Energy Types, read my book, It’s Just My Nature. It’s included in the Style Kit that you can purchase after going through the course! Join thousands of people in countries all over the world who have transformed their lives by discovering their Energy Types.

I look forward to hearing your story!


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