Think Pink! The #1 Way to Pick Out Your Type’s Pink

Do you know your Type's pink?

Have you always wanted to wear pink, but hesitated, thinking it’s just not your color?

Maybe you thought it was too “girly” or too bold. Or maybe you’ve even tried it in the past and didn’t feel right in it!

But consider the possibility that the reason pink hasn’t worked for you yet is only because it hasn’t been the correct pink! I’m here to tell you that every woman can wear this pretty color—it just has to be the right kind for your Energy Type.

So what is your Type’s pink?

Let’s start with a fun guessing game!

Below you’ll see a picture of my daughter Anne, who’s one of our Dressing Your Truth Experts, with her three daughters.

Look closely—this picture has all 4 Types in it and 4 different kinds of pink! Can you guess all of their Types correctly?

Ready for the answers?

Here we go! From L-R:

  • Light and bright Type 1 Mary
  • Rich and dynamic Type 3 Katie
  • Soft and subtle Type 2 Anne
  • Bold and striking Type 4 Grace

As you can see, each of them is wearing their Type’s pink!

  • Type 1 is a tint – it’s cute and bright.
  • Type 2 is a tone – it’s blended and muted.
  • Type 3 is a shade – it’s warm and rich.
  • Type 4 is a hue – it’s bold and saturated.

Determining the correct colors for your Type is EASY when you have the Style Guides to show you the way! (Don’t have one yet? They’re currently on sale!)

Right now in our DYT Online Store, we’re having a Pink and Red Sale—where everything is 20% off!

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Let’s hear from the DYT Experts about why they love their Type’s pink and reds!

Type 1 Jaleah: “It’s so fun to wear the colors of the holidays, and Type 1 reds and pinks are phenomenal! You feel cute, and darling, and a little bit sexy! I’m so excited to wear these colors now through Valentine’s Day!”

Type 2 Anne: “Pink is the color of my soul! It is so soothing and lovely. I find that Type 2 pink really goes with everything! Wear it with gray, blue, green or purple! And then there’s red – beautiful, soft Type red. Different than the other Types, our red is subtle and muted – more like a maroon or wine color. So deep and sultry. Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, you’ll love incorporating these festive colors!”

I’m Carol Tuttle, the creator of Dressing Your Truth. Red has been pitched as a power color for decades! As a Type 3, I definitely claim our rich and dynamic reds as one of my power colors – especially on my lips! Where do you like to wear your Type 3 reds? Lips? Cheeks? Or in your outfit with a red accessory or clothing item? Maybe all of the above!!!

Type 4 Kalista: “Did you know there are at least ten variations of Type 4 pink? I especially love to wear pink, I honestly can’t get enough of it! And there is nothing more classic for Type 4 style than a bold red lip. Whether it’s in clothing, makeup, or jewelry, these hues of pink and red will bring vibrancy to your Valentine’s Day style.”

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You can learn even more about what makes a pink true-to-Type in these Lifestyle videos:

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