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4 Easy Ways to De-Age Your Lips & Make Them Look Younger

How to avoid dry, wrinkly lips

If you could choose, would you want your lips to look plump and full, or thin and wrinkled?

Every woman I know picks the first option! But we could end up with the second one if we’re not careful.

As we get older, our lips begin to show signs of aging, such as sagging and wrinkling. This happens because our skin loses elasticity in our later years, and since the skin on our lips is much thinner than other areas of our body, we see it here early on.

We also stop producing as much collagen, so the skin around the lips becomes dryer and more flat, which causes fine lines and folds around the edges of our lips.

Back in the day, we used to just throw on lipstick and that would be enough! But let’s take a look at why that just doesn’t work anymore!

Top 4 Mistakes Women Make with Their Lips that Make Them Look Older

Mistake #1: You’re not using Lip Primer

We’re all familiar with primer for our face—it’s a necessary first step that will smooth out the skin and create a flawless canvas for your foundation. It prevents your makeup from settling into the lines and pores in your face, which could make your skin look more textured and full of blemishes.

With lips, it’s the same concept! That’s why you need Age-Defying Lip Primer.

Age-Defying Lip Primer will smooth your lips and allow for an even application of any lip product. The color will be able to sit on top of your lips, instead of filling in the creases and crevasses, which accentuates wrinkles.

New to all things primer? We’ve got you covered! Watch this video, How to Get Your Makeup to Stay On All Day. It talks about the benefits of all primers (including lip primer at 4:43). You’ll be a primer pro in no time.

Mistake #2: You don’t use Lip Liner

Feathering is a common problem among older women. That’s when your lipstick bleeds out into the creases and fine lines around your mouth. It can look like your lipstick has not been applied properly or become smudged. (It looks messy and most women feel embarrassed when this happens!)

Using a liner will help keep your lipstick in place and give your lips a fuller look.

Using the Invisible Waterproof Gel Lip Liner is great because it’s versatile and works with any color of lipstick!

Some women really love colored lip liners though, so be sure to choose a color that compliments your lipstick so there isn’t an obvious line on the edges of your lips.

Whether you like invisible or colored liners, I highly recommend using the Lip Brush.

You might be asking, “What do I do with a lip brush?” It helps you apply your lipstick with precision and accuracy. Sometimes after a while, the tips of our lipstick can come out of the tube in a shape that is too wide or flat. But the Lip Brush helps blend the lipstick with the lip liner, without any fear of feathering!

Mistake #3: You let your lips go flat

Like I said in the beginning, our lips are one of the things that simply lose elasticity as we age. We recommend two products that will help with this. One works immediately, while the other is a long-term solution.

This Enhancing Lip Plumper is a soft and non-sticky lip balm that helps support the look of fuller lips. The creamy formula helps hydrate the lips with a sweet, peppermint flavor. Botanical extracts help rejuvenate the appearance of the lips. It tingles when applied and gives an instant plumping appearance to your lips. Apply it anytime.

Any woman over the age of 25 would benefit from this Collagen Peptides Powder. This is a long-term solution for aging issues since collagen is a vital protein building block your skin needs.

This powder gives your body collagen from multiple sources, not just one. It is also hydrolyzed, meaning the collagen is broken down into peptides so that your body can digest more of the collagen more quickly, which means more building blocks for your skin, hair, and nails.

The best part? It has no taste, so it can easily be added to your morning drink, smoothie, or breakfast.

Mistake #4: You try to go younger with shimmer

When women want to look younger, they often make the mistake of copying what the younger generations are doing.

But this doesn’t always work, and when it comes to makeup and lips, it backfires.

Sheer or shimmery gloss and lipsticks work great with younger women, but these same products will age you dramatically. It’s best to avoid them! Instead, use a cream-based lipstick, or a gloss without any added sparkle.

Our DYT Online Store has so many incredible makeup options for all 4 Types of beauty. Ditch the shimmer and treat yourself to a new gloss and lipstick that work with your Type of lips!

Shop your Type’s lip colors here!

“Getting older is inevitable. How you age is a choice.” -Carol Tuttle

Make the choice to care for your lips and give them what they need to be healthy and beautiful! We love to see pictures in our Lifestyle Facebook Group—the happiest and most supportive place for women on the internet!

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