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How to Have Soft Kissable All-Day-Color Lips with the Lip Collection

No feathering, lines, or smudging. Kiss it all because you can!

Who has time to touch up their lipstick three times a day? Not you. And now you don’t have to. 

Having soft, supple, lasting-color, kissable lips is absolutely possible. It only takes a few simple steps. Our Dressing Your Truth Makeup Expert Anna K gives you her quick tips for a perfect pout. We’ve made it super easy to gather your tools by putting them in one collection. You may already have some of these expert tools, but what are you missing?

Your Lip Collection How-To:

  1. (00:32) Yes, exfoliating can taste this good!
  2. (02:22) It’s primer time, but be sure to use this tool so you don’t alter your lip color.
  3. (03:56) This invisible step sets the stage for a big finish.
  4. (05:10) Lip Liner and Lipstick (not included, but get it here Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4)
  5. (07:56) This locks in the color for all-day wear.

Having kissable lips is easier than you think!

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Video Transcript 

Do you have lips that are dry or you have feathering going on in your lipstick or lipstick that just can’t seem to stay on? We’re going to solve all these problems with our lip collection. We have some fabulous lip products and we have decided to put them together and make a collection so it’s really easy to see how to use them all. First, we’re going to start with our sugar scrub. Now, this stuff not only tastes delicious but feels delicious, too. I’m just gonna get a little bit on my finger like this, doesn’t take much. And then rub, rub a dub straight onto your lip. And I really like it because it tastes really good.

It’s just a little bit coarse and it’s exfoliating. It’s getting rid of all those little sugar granules. It really does taste good. You’re gonna want to do this maybe once or twice a week. You can over-exfoliate your lips and then it just makes the situation worse. You’re just trying to get rid of the dead skin cells there. Kind of if you have, if it’s been like super wintery, you just rub, rub, rub. And you rub with your lips, you rub with your finger. Now, as usually, I always use this ring finger because it’s the weakest one of them all. And it doesn’t push as hard. Which just you should know that if you could if you want to touch anything else on your face.

It really does. It looks good. It tastes good. I got a little bit of sugar right here, huh? I mean, if you’re on a diet, this is a great cheat. I’m going to go ahead and take off anything else so that I’m ready for my next product. I’ve licked my lips clean. And you really can feel a difference immediately after you’ve done this, how soft and supple your lips look and feel. Don’t they look better? I think they look a lot better.

My duck lip. All right, moving on to the next product, which is this fabulous lip brush. I really like it because it’s a little bit longer than some and it has a nice dome shape on top. It really allows you to get into all the places on your lips and just make that perfect bow. Get this bottom pouty part of your lip to get into those corners really, really well. That makes me want to go to my next product to show you which is this fabulous lip and eye primer. Now the reason we use this is that it helps your lipstick to stay on just that much longer. And it also locks in that moisture that I’ve just put on to my lips. So if you are using a lip lock, which I’m going to show you in a minute, if you’re using that every day it can be drying. This is one way to solve that problem. Use the lip scrub, go ahead put the primer on and it locks in that moisture.

So I’m going to go ahead and do that. And I just have, you can see. It’s very, very little, just a tiny bit. You don’t need a ton. If you put on too much, you’ll actually change your lip color. So you’re going to want to put it on pretty thin as well. And you can see it just a little bit, you don’t need a ton. But if you were to put that on just a little bit more, it would kind of get a pasty white and then you’d put your lips to cut. It just becomes a hot mess. So just be a little light-handed when it comes to using your lip brush with the lip primer.

And now my lips are ready to go for the next product, which is the invisible lip liner. Now, I love this because it really just locks in that color around my lips. There’s no feathering. This is how to stop all feathering if as a problem for you, particularly with gloss. So this just really helps it to stay in the lines where it should stay. So I’m going to go ahead and put that and you want to, it is completely invisible, you cannot see it at all, you’re just going to want to put that right on the outside of that lip line. If you go on the inside, it’s just going to make it a little bit weird and kind of messy. So make sure you get that outside. You really can’t feel it. You can’t see it. It’s invisible, this invisible lip liner.

And keeping it pretty close to the outside of the line. But it just dances right on that edge. Now I have some deeper lines here and over here. So I’m really going to want to make sure I get those corners. Voila. Now I’m ready for my next step, which now you just go to your type of lip liner and lipstick and apply that and our very last product is the lip lock. So today I’m going to use cinnamon sugar, it’s a lovely color. It’s really great because it goes with almost everything. And this is I’m going to put this on right where my lip line is. Following that bow. Going to that bottom line. Kind of smash my lips together a little bit. I’m just going to fill in a little bit just so that I get a little bit darker color on the outside. Keep the attention on the inside of my lip, which is an illusion for a lovely pout. Okay, so that liner is done.

Then I’m going to just go ahead and go back in with my brush. All of my lipsticks are funny because they have like this little dimple right in the middle of it because that’s where I put my brush and rub, rub, rub. You load up that brush and I’m just gonna put it on the lip. This brush is really great because it now will blend that lip liner and that lipstick into a perfect place. So you really don’t want to have like the lip liner and then the lipstick that is definitely a look. It’s not the look right now. So let’s not do that. So let’s really blend quite well with our lip brush and that helps us do it perfectly. I love this color. This color is Venus. Probably you type threes might want to run out and grab that.

Okay, now I have my beautiful liner on, I have my beautiful color on my lip. My beautiful lip brush has blended it together beautifully. One of the great reasons of using a lip brush is so that you can combine that lip liner and that lipstick together. It really just blends it beautifully and makes it sit on your lip perfectly. When you just put the lipstick on, a lot of times it doesn’t blend as well as it does with the brush. So always go back to this brush. It should be used with most of these products. The only thing is the invisible lip liner. You wouldn’t use it with that but you would use it with everything else. You could even use it with the lip lock but fortunately, lip lock comes with its own brush so you wouldn’t need to use it. Now I love lip block because it just locks that puckery sucker lip in a place forever. Okay, it’s not really forever but it’s at least all-day. I can put this on and I’ve got good to go lips the entire workday.

Now I just put it on my bottom lip and kind of smash my lips together. That way it just seems to disperse really nicely and evenly. I do know that a lot of people do like to put it on the top lip and bottom lip. So kind of figure out which one works for you. For me, it’s the bottom lip. If I do a second layer then I just hit that bottom-up again and you’ll see. You want it to dry a little bit. I like to blow on it. It has a little bit of alcohol in it so it does have a little bit of that taste, a little bit of that feel, burns for just about a second. But once it’s set, it is set. You can kiss your husband, your children, your dog, whatever, and it stays put it does not move. That is our lip collection. It’s quite complete. All these products together make a fantastic lip and you can go out and just kiss everything. Kiss it all because you have the lips to do it now.

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