How the 4 Energy Types Are Expressed in Hands

What do your hands say about who you are?

Did you hear? Your hands can be a big clue to figure out your Energy Type!

As the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I teach that next to Facial Profiling, looking at the expressive movement of your hands is a very accurate way to determine your Type.

Your face will always tell your Type; hands are a close back-up. In almost all cases aside from a small minority, your hands will express your dominant Energy Type as well.

Let’s go over how to see an Energy Type in someone’s hands:

(2:30) – Want to see all Types of hands side-by-side? These pictures will help you notice the differences right away. We also go over the characteristics of each Energy Type, with keywords and main traits.

(4:37) – Type 1 Hands: Look for a youthful quality almost like a cherub, with shorter fingers, circular palms, and circular nailbeds.

(6:13) – Type 2 Hands: You’ll notice an elegant quality with soft palms, tapered and long fingers, as well as oval nailbeds.

(7:53) – Type 3 Hands: We call these “Old Lady Hands” – tongue in cheek, of course! Look for wider knuckles, textured skin, and asymmetrical movement.

(9:52) – Type 4 Hands: They will look smooth and porcelain, with straight fingers, even width, and flat/rectangular nailbeds.

What Type of hands do you have?

Hands are just another expression of our true nature.

Your Energy Type will also express in your reading tendencies, and It’s Just My Nature to discover even more about your Type today!

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