Can Your Hair Help You Determine Your Secondary as a Type 3? #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

What style of movement looks best with your secondary?

As a Type 3 woman, you’re determined to know your secondary!

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, my Type 3 guests will help you know how to zero in on your secondary energy with more confidence.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(3:22) – How important is knowing your secondary? While it doesn’t affect how you live your daily life, it does give a different flavor to who you are. One place I appreciate knowing it the most is with my style. Make sure you follow me on Instagram where I show you how I choose my outfits based on my unique Yin/Yang Combo.

(9:00) – Ladies, we have new summer makeup, and it’s fabulous! See the summer makeup looks for your Type of beauty!

(12:30) – My first guest, Wendy, knows she’s a Type 3/2 and shares the process she went through to get there. One of my clearings to help you determine your Type played a big role!

(27:19) – Have you seen the new Lifestyle video, Which Brand of Type 3 Energy Are You? I share a clip from this video about how the Type 3 energy is an “extrovert” energy and what that means in the world of Energy Profiling. Does this knowledge bring more understanding to you as a Type 3 woman?

(32:30) – Meet Natalie, a gorgeous Type 3 woman who does not know her secondary, so I will help her know for sure—which is sure to help you! You’ll learn how your hairstyle can give you clues to your secondary.

(49:20) – We close the show by sharing a quote from my book, Mastering Affluence that helps you stand strong in knowing your true self.

How did this episode help you determine your secondary energy? I’d love to hear your “aha” story!

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