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7 Essential Shoes for the Fun Type 1 Woman

Oh, shoes. How we love thee. Thou dost adorn our feet with cuteness and safety. Thank you, shoes, for being so lovely.

Do you feel the same about shoes? I LOVE shoes. I love the variety and the opportunity for newness. I also love the classic standards that keep my feet warm in winter, and the shiny, sparkly ones I know will always be cute in summer.

Here are 7 shoes that I think all Type 1s should have. But remember, they are just suggestions! Add your personal style into my suggestions, and then just go crazy and have fun!

1: The Pump

Pumps are great for a ton of things: professional work environments, nice dates, fancy girls night outs, box seats at the orchestra—or even the nose-bleed sections. 🙂

If you are only going to have one or two heels, I would choose a white, navy, brown, or gold. Those colors can go with most things! If you just want one, go with the gold! They match brown, navy, and all our amazing tints.






2: The Wedge

I put this in a different category from pumps, since I feel wedges tend to be just a bit more casual. You can wear them in a professional setting, a date night, but you can also wear them with t-shirt and jeans to jazz up the outfit a bit.

I also like how the are so much easier to walk in than most pumps! Wedges are probably my most favorite shoe! As with all our shoes, you can go with the neutrals of white, navy, brown, and gold. Or you can go out of your comfort zone and get some fun prints! Here are some great examples!




3: The Riding Boot

I think riding boots are super cute. Now, these are a little more difficult to find in Type 1 colors, since the usual colors you see are black, grey, and Type 3 brown.

What I like is a good pair of chocolate brown or a caramel with a lot of brightness to the color. I usually keep riding boots as more neutral, but I do have a pair of really awesome peach boots! I don’t wear them as much as the neutrals, but when I do, it sure is fun!




4: The Ankle Boot

I didn’t quite know the magic of an ankle boot until this year. Now I have two pairs that I LOVE. I think it may become my favorite shoe. (Shhh, don’t tell the wedge!)

I have been into the skinny jean trend for 5+ years now, and ankle boots just work so well with them! Also tights and ankle boots, leggings and ankle boots, they all just work! Here are some great options!




5: Sneakers

Sneakers are fun, casual, and comfy! They are the perfect combo with the jeans and t-shirt look. Here are some fun ones!




6: Flats

I am very into flats. They are just so easy to slip on and off! They come in a great variety, so finding fun ones isn’t hard. I think all Type 1s should FOR SURE have a pair of gold flats. And from there, just have fun!




7: Sandals

Oh summer, you thrill me. And I love to wear sandals in your warmth.

Sandals are great with shirts, dresses, shorts, capris, pants. Yep, most bottoms. 🙂 They can be dressy or casual. So they are a must, I tell you, a must! Here are some fun options!





I hope this has helped support you, and that you are now ready to get these 7 shoes that each of you should have! YAY FOR SHOES!


Extra Type 1 fashion tips for you:

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