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Why Women Need to Stop Saying This 5-Letter Word

When was the last time you said Sorry?

I don’t mean a heartfelt apology. I mean the kind of “sorry” that women tend to say when someone else bumps into them.

Have you said sorry recently in any of these situations…

  • before speaking your mind
  • after sharing your feelings
  • when you ask someone to do something for you

In these scenarios, what are you subconsciously apologizing for?

For taking up space. For having ideas. For being yourself.

Being yourself is not something to apologize about!

Saying “sorry” for making a request or speaking your mind does a number on your confidence. It reinforces a belief that you are here only to please others, and if you don’t, you should apologize.

What to say instead? Here are some ideas:

  • When someone is upset for something that’s not your responsibility.

Try: “You seem upset. How can I support you?”

  • When you want to speak your mind, but feel apologetic.

Try: “I’d like to share what I think about this.”

  • After sharing your feelings.

Try: “Thank you for listening to how I feel.”

  • When someone bumps in to you.

Try: “Whoops!” (With a smile to let them know everything is OK.)

  • When you ask someone to do something for you.

Try: “Are you willing to help me with this?”

What difference does it make to stop saying Sorry?

Your language makes a BIG difference in your beliefs about yourself and the experiences you create with others.

In a world that appears unstable, it’s important to be confident in who you really are. When you’re at ease with yourself, you become a stable force for good. You influence everyone around you in living true to who they are.

By being yourself, you naturally make the world a better place.

No need to apologize for that.

I created the Dressing Your Truth Online Course to help women love how they look and show up in the world as their true selves. I invite you to start this life-changing program, love your look, love yourself, and stop apologizing for the amazing woman you are!


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