Flat Hair, No More! How to Backcomb Your Hair

Backcombing (or teasing): You may be doing it wrong!

Hair looking flat (or troubled with cowlicks)?

Join Nicole as she gives some tips for backcombing in order to add height to your hair, and to tame those bothersome cowlicks!

Backcombing starts with clean dry hair. Nicole demonstrates on “second-day hair”. The day before she had washed with Cleansing Conditioner, added Root Boost and blow-dried.

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

  • (1:09) Using the comb, lift here and begin this motion.
  • (1:41) A lot of women make this mistake here. Let’s get it together with the correct technique.
  • (2:10) Continue the process until you get to this point.
  • (2:42) This is when and where to spray your hairspray.
  • (3:22) BONUS: Have a cowlick? This process can tame and soften for a more even style.
  • (4:11) Stop! Don’t undo your work with this mistake. Do this instead.
  • (4:52) Now you can use that comb to even it out.

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