Need a Lift? Get More Volume with 3 Hair Tips

Can you guess the #1 question hairstylists get asked?

Want to know one of the most popular questions clients ask their hairstylist?
Maybe you ask it too: “How do I get more volume?”

You’re in luck! Whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, fine or thick, you can get more volume easily! Dressing Your Truth Stylist Nicole shows you three simple techniques to boost your roots and create that volume you love.

#1 (00:10) Product: Learn how to use this light-textured root spray.

#2 (00:52) Blow Dry: You’ll flip for the results.

#3 (01:12) Backcomb: You’ve probably been doing it wrong (see the full tutorial here)

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Video Transcript:

The number one concern I get from my clients is, “How do I get more volume in my hair?” And I say, “Don’t worry about it, girlfriend.I got your back.Let me teach you the ways.” First thing is root lifter. You’ll love this product. It’s for all hair types, and it’s a light texture that sprays in at your roots when the hair is wet.

Spray it in right through the root area and maybe about four or five strips across the top of the head. That’s going to allow your hair to bounce up away from your head as it dries. This is heat activated, and so you’ll want to blow-dry right after. And then it stays in the hair and really works well for like three to four days until you’re ready to wash again and then style the first day with your root lifter and don’t have to worry about it after that.

Fantastic. Number two is that you’re going to blow-dry upside down. You’re going to flip your head over and blow-dry, and this is going to allow your hair to dry up and away from your head. So even if you take a comb or a brush and brush your hair back and forth as you’re blow-drying, that’s going to help too, but just flip the head over and blow-dry upside down.

Third is to backcomb. Grab your comb, take up a section of hair, and after you’ve blow-dried the hair, just backcomb the bottom little fourth-inch at the roots. If you want more details on this, reference my backcombing tutorial entitled “Flat Hair, No More: How to Backcomb.”

The link is in the copy. Isn’t this great? It’s easy as one-two-three. Root Boost, blow-dry upside down, and backcomb. I love this product. I use it on everybody, whether it’s curly or straight, happy or sad hair, blond or red, long or short, I use it on everybody. And I know you’re going to love it.

Grab your purse and buy your Root Boost today. You’re going to love it. Because today is going to be your happy hair day. See you.

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