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Type 2 Basic Accessories: Feel Lovely in the Details

There was such a fabulous response to the Basic Essentials Wardrobe and shoes posts that I wanted to finish the series with accessories. Accessories are the second component of style and are key in adding detail and elegance to your Type 2 look.

I’ve created a list of accessory items that I believe are essential in creating a solid Type 2 wardrobe. Whether you’re just getting started on your Dressing Your Truth journey or you’ve been with us for years, take look at this list and see what’s missing from your jewelry and accessory basics collection.

Necklaces (3)

1. Long Silver Necklace

This style of necklace adds an elongated design line that any Type 2 can wear so beautifully. You can opt for a necklace with or without a pendant.

2. Short Charm Necklace

I’ve been wearing smaller necklaces more and more. When a top has more pattern or a lot going on in the neckline, this type of necklace is my go-to. I love wearing the Dressing Your Truth Type 2 Dove Necklace as a gentle reminder of our quiet, subtle energy.

3. Colored Necklace/Statement Piece

Add some color and texture with a larger or more colorful necklace. This type of necklace finishes off a solid blouse so nicely. A colorful necklace is also a great way to create the “connecting factor” between clothing items.

For tips on which necklaces to wear with which necklines, check out this tutorial.

Earrings (3-6)

You can get 3 earrings, or 2 in each category for a total of 6 pairs.

1. Detailed Silver Teardrop or Oval Earring

This style of earring will go with everything in your Type 2 wardrobe! When I say “detailed” I mean an earring that features cut-outs, scrolls, swirls, floral designs, etc. We have many wonderful options in the Dressing Your Truth store. Here are my current favorites:

2. Colorful Post or Fish Hook Earring

To add a little more excitement beyond the silver swirl, go for some color! I have a little pair of pink posts that a friend gave to me. I didn’t think I’d actually wear them, but I do—at least once a week! Since the post is smaller, I love that they add just a hint of color without being too distracting.

3. Sparkly Earring

We all have a chance to dress up now and then, so you’ll want to be ready with some earrings to match. These earrings add just the right amount of sparkle and pizazz. They’re smaller in size, so they won’t come across as too animated.

Bracelets (2)

1. Detailed Silver Stretch Bracelet

As a Type 2, you’ll want to take care that you choose bracelets that are comfortable. Naturally, you’ll steer clear of stiff cuffs that will scratch your arms or heavy bangles that will weigh you down.

At the Dressing Your Truth store, we offer a wonderful selection of comfortable, stretchy bracelets for our Type 2s. A silver detailed bracelet on your wrist will add instant elegance and charm. And it will stand the test of time as it will go with everything!

2. Colorful Beaded Stretch Bracelet

For a more casual look, this option is excellent. Usually they are sold with multiple strands so you can mix and match with other bracelets if you have them or wear fewer strands for a lighter feel. Which color to choose? Pick your favorite color or a color you have a lot of in your clothing so you can be sure get a lot of wear out of it.

Watch (1)

I’ll admit it. I don’t wear a watch! I use my phone, my computer, or the sun if I have to, to tell the time. I actually don’t often wear bracelets either—just when I’m dressing up. I prefer bare wrists. (Probably because I’m typing at my computer a lot.) But, if you prefer a watch, I think one Type 2 watch is enough to get you started.

You can go with a classic, silver option, or get crazy and add some color. You know what would be fun?! Get a watch with some floral print on the face. Oh, look! I found one for you… (I think I like it enough to start wearing watches!)

If you use your phone to tell the time, check out the gorgeous selection of phone cases in our StyleInspire.

Purses (2)

1. Larger Purse

2. Smaller Tote or Handbag

And, you have to check out this sweet little wallet. Can floral print please never go out of style?!

Scarves (5)

(or 17…okay, only joking)

As Type 2s, we are the queens of scarves! Do you love scarves, or are you a Type 2 that doesn’t really do the scarf thing? I really like scarves! I don’t wear them all the time, but I love a good patterned scarf to add extra detail and connection.

As I taught in the Basic Essentials Wardrobe video, I would recommend 3 patterned scarves for a solid foundation. I’m adding a solid print scarf and a thicker winter scarf to round out your scarf selection.

Belts (2)

1. Skinny Belt

A thinner belt is a nice way to finish off your lovely style. You can wear it at your natural waistline over a loose blouse, or in the belt loops with the top tucked in.

2. Wide Belt

A wider belt can act as an elegant statement piece. Just make sure you’re still comfortable when sitting and moving when wearing a wider belt.


I pretty much only wear my wedding ring. However, for my 9th wedding anniversary I got a simple silver ring that says a ♥ t.

(I show it off in the February #FashionShow).

It makes sense that as a Type 2 I’m drawn to jewelry with a sentiment! If you’re interested in some custom sentimental jewelry, I got my ring made here.

Hair Accessories

If you like wearing your hair pulled back, I would recommend getting 1 or 2 detailed headbands. They’re perfect for 2nd or 3rd day hair.


Hats really wouldn’t make my “essentials” list, but if you like the way you look in hats, I’d suggest one beanie and/or a cute ball cap.

As you can see, you don’t need to have a lot in your jewelry and accessories collection to add detail and elegance to your Type 2 look. What are some of your basic jewelry and accessory pieces? Use your Lifestyle discount code LUCKY10 to start building your collection!

Now that you’ve got an incredible Jewelry and Accessory wardrobe, do you need help deciding which ones to pair together? Check out this post for tips on How to Choose Jewelry for Your Type 2 Outfits.


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