Boo! Don’t Let Your Crepey Skin Get Creepy!

This ground-breaking product is showing fast results.

Creepy works for Halloween—but not for aging skin!

Crepey skin creeps up as we age, and I say BOO to that. Don’t let that crepey, sagging skin alarm you. I created a solution to reverse the signs of crepey skin.

No tricks, just a delightful treat for your body’s skin!

Aging skin? The Anti-Aging Body Lotion is just for you.

My newest product, the Anti-Aging Body Lotion, is incredible because it features a super-power ingredient, bakuchiol – “nature’s retinol,” targeting fine lines, skin texture, and age spots. 

I decided to be my own test subject before I released this product. I used it on my décolleté and was so impressed with the results! (Those are my pictures, and I didn’t edit them at all.)

What is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient extracted from the seeds of the babchi plant. This plant has been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries, but has just begun to gain popularity in the skincare industry due to its ability to mirror the miraculous effects of retinoids — all without the associated side effects.

Why you’ll love it

No sun sensitivity! Known as “nature’s retinol,” you’ll receive all the benefits of retinoids without making your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. This gentle, powerhouse ingredient will transform your skin as it diminishes fine lines, improves skin texture, and improves the appearance of age spots.

Who it’s for

Any woman, age 25 and up. This formula is gentle enough to use every single day, whether you’re my age and targeting deep skin issues that have been there for years, or you’re preventing them from showing up at all. It’s easy for younger women to think they don’t need anti-aging products, but trust me—if you start now, you won’t regret it!

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I’ve been shocked at all the amazing reviews we are seeing. I knew it was good but wow – it’s REALLY good. 

Jenny shared her untouched photos below, along with her story:

This lotion is amazing! I just ordered my third bottle and am super impressed with its immediate results! Fewer fine lines and less crepey skin. It is not oily, too smelly, or too anything. They’ve really found the perfect balance with this product. Here are my before and afters for my eczema and wrinkly upper lip. I just noticed my chin and jowls are better, too!”

What other customers are saying:

“I did not take a before photo YET I must say this product has really delivered. My focus was the skin above my knees and there has been tremendous improvement. I brought 2 first go around and have just ordered and received my third.” -Karen

“Love it! The little bumps on my upper arms disappeared. It smells great and is super light, too.” -Andrea

“This lotion is awesome! It’s smooth, silky, smells good, and works! After a couple months, I’m really seeing a difference. I also like that’s it’s not sticky! I highly recommend.” -Kristine

I am on my 2nd bottle of this lotion. I had my husband try it, now it’s all he uses too! The smell is great! and you get every drop because of the design of the bottle. I will be buying again! We are in our 60’s and need all the moisture we can get! This delivers 100%.” -Kim

“I wish I could give this lotion more stars! The lightweight lotion is very pleasing, and THIRST QUENCHING for my skin. I live in an arid environment (Intermountain West). The dry climate and high elevation make my skin so dry no matter what I use, but this lotion sinks right in and my skin is no longer dry every morning and night. I am on my second lotion and love the results so far. Congratulations Carol, on another great product in a fabulous skin care line!” -Maureen

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