20 Lifestyle Secrets That Keep You From Aging Prematurely

“Carol, you look amazing! What’s your secret?”

If you said this to me in conversation over lunch one day, first I’d reply, “Thank you, you’re so kind!”

Then I’d say it’s not about doing just one thing, but an entire lifestyle approach—a lifestyle I’ve chosen to create over the last decade to de-age myself and restore my vital, exuberant energy and appearance.

In my quest for this, I’ve realized that much of what we do is actually prematurely aging us.

And I’ve decided to share my secrets to anti-aging (or rather, my secrets to avoid prematurely aging)!

Here are 20 lifestyle choices I’ve made in recent years to experiment with what’s possible with my body and health! I’m still doing these things and they’re still supporting me.

I’m confident if any of these feel correct for you, you’ll find them supportive.

1. Learn your Energy Type and LIVE it.

You’ll age more quickly in your appearance when you’re not living in alignment with your true energy.

This misalignment of your true self creates energetic stress that will age you on all levels—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I am over a decade into knowing and living true to my Energy Type, so I know this has been foundational to everything else I’ve done.

2. Start Dressing Your Truth.

The fashion industry tends to age you faster than anything by masking your true beauty with clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles that do not honor your Type of beauty.

When you dress true to your Type of beauty, it takes years off of you! (Actually, it helps you look amazing at the age you really are.)

And I don’t say that just because I created the Dressing Your Truth program.

See for yourself how real women dressing their truth express this anti-aging effect.

3. Heal your emotional issues (And lose the emotional weight!)

There is no anti-aging procedure that can make up for emotional pain and repressed emotions.

Our emotional wounds show in our faces and bodies.

I’ve spent many years healing my life, and the past few years I’ve moved some big emotional mountains.

People will say to me, “You look like you’ve lost weight!”

Well, no, but I’ve lost years of emotional trauma that was weighing me down! That weight is now gone! And it shows in my face and body.

I offer a lot of emotional healing support during Type Talk with Carol. This is an event available to Lifestyle members.

During Type Talk, you can ask me questions online during the live event or email me your questions before the event. I look forward to “seeing” you there!

4. Change the way you think.

Do you still think in terms of lack and struggle and not enough?

I wrote Remembering Wholeness 14 years ago about this very process.

And today I’m grateful I have trained my mind to be my ally in creating an amazing, prosperous life.

Nearly every day, I have the thought, “How much healthier can I get?” and “How much more attractive and vital can I look?”

I truly believe these thoughts, and I am excited to see what they create.

5. Clean up your diet.

Everything you eat either ages you or prevents aging.

So I choose to eat real, whole foods. I’ve gotten rid of sugar and white flour. I drink more green smoothies. There is so much information online right now to make eating clean almost effortless.

I eat all organic, local real food.

I tend to eat more of a paleo diet, with occasional healthy grains like quinoa and oats.

Here are some resources to help you get started, but choose what is correct for you:

6. Exercise.

Moving your body and working out releases chemicals like endorphins that help us stay young.

I choose to work out 5 days a week and the 7-Minute Workout app is my best friend.

It really only takes 7 minutes!

Just put it in your schedule and do it. Your body will thank you!

7. Get a monthly facial.

Most women consider getting a facial an act of self-pampering.

I’ve been getting a facial every month for close to three years now. I’m fortunate that my esthetician knows her Energy Type and understands Energy Profiling.

So she knows I am a Type 3 woman and that my complexion tends to experience hyper-pigmentation, deeper facial lines, texture and breakouts.

My esthetician, true to her Type 4 nature, has been able to help me perfect my skin.

I no longer have breakouts, the hyper pigmentation is minimal, my facial lines have been reduced, and my skin is the smoothest it has ever been.

8. Use a healthy sunscreen.

I’m an active person who is outdoors quite a bit, especially since tennis is one of my favorite hobbies..

I always protect my face and body with a healthy sunscreen and a huge visor.

This protects my face because I love the sun and the Vitamin D benefit I receive from it.

9. Supplement wisely.

We are missing key nutrients in our standard diet.

We need these nutrients and minerals to have energy and vitality as we age.

Watch fatigue leave and fresh energy come!

10. Learn about the many advances with anti-aging treatments and procedures.

This is a world I knew very little about years ago!

I’d only heard about Botox and the stigma of using it, but had no idea what treatments were available and how far the science has come.

I decided to educate myself so I sought out a local cosmetic surgeon to learn more.

There are numerous non-invasive treatments and procedures that help eliminate wrinkles, rebuild collagen, eliminate hyper pigmentation, and more.

I benefited from investing in a few of the newer non-invasive treatments that have helped my body’s natural processes restore youth and vitality to my face.

The days of plastic surgery and facelifts being the only options are an old paradigm.

I invite you to learn about the many treatments that are available to see if there’s something right for you. Again, as you prayerfully choose from a place of self-love, make choices that honor yourself.

Do what is correct for you.

11. Meditate.

I practice daily meditation.

Sometimes it’s only for 10 minutes. In my practice of meditation, I focus on my body and flow energy to support my body in the practice of regeneration, rather than degeneration.

12. Watch what you say.

Do you declare to yourself that you’re “getting old?” If so, you will create more of that!

That declaration will age you almost as fast as the wrong hairstyle!

So be kind to yourself and eliminate those words from your vocabulary.

13. Invest in a quality skin care line.

Maybe you saw Annmarie Gianni on a recent Evening With Carol. (If not, be sure to watch it!)

Annemarie has developed an incredible line of skincare that many of the Dressing Your Truth Experts and I personally use and love.

It’s all natural, organic and it’s simply wonderful.

Don’t take my word for it though, give it a shot and tell me what you think.

14. Sleep on your back.

Three years ago I started sleeping exclusively on my back.

I did this to preserve my complexion rather than causing facial lines from sleeping with my face pressed on a pillow for 8 hours.

I think gravity may be helping me since my skin is pulled tighter towards my hairline while I sleep!

I found this pillow makes it very comfortable to sleep on your back.

15. Invest in your smile.

I was blessed with very nice teeth, but I do whiten them.

It’s a lot more affordable and easy today to whiten your teeth. Other dental procedures to improve your smile vary in cost, but in my opinion they are worth the benefits.

16. Play up your eyes.

You can do this with makeup, or you can invest in something more.

Eyelash extensions are fairly new on the beauty scene. I’ve had eyelash extensions now for about a year and I am still amazed at the affect they have on my appearance.

17. Consider coloring your hair.

I choose to color my hair because I enjoy it and I feel I look my best this way.

However, if you choose to keep your hair gray, I suggest you select a hairstyle that honors your Type of beauty.

18. Get your nails done.

Getting a manicure and pedicure doesn’t have to be just for special occasions. It’ll improve the health of your hands and feet—and it feels great, too!

19. Care for your sexuality.

Unfortunately, it is too common for women to experience feelings of shame that are connected to their sexual energy.

This shame will age us!

I know this experience personally, as a result of being deeply wounded sexually in my childhood. But I am grateful for the healing I have experienced over the last 25 years of my life.

In recent years, as part of my healing, I have focused on learning more about my body’s sexual function, my sexual physiology, and how to take ownership of this intimate part of myself.

I studied some enlightening books that taught me how important the female orgasm is to a woman’s overall health and vitality.

One book in particular that was very enlightening on this subject is
Vitamin O: Why Orgasms are Vital to a Woman’s Health and Happiness, and How to Have Them Every Time!.

The author, Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez, teaches that the female orgasm is one of the most powerful anti-aging functions of the female body.

What I learned in her book helped me experience my sexual energy at a new level of personal pleasure in my intimate experience with my husband. It has provided me numerous health benefits, including more supple skin!

Also, many women experience vaginal dryness as they get older. I highly recommend this ground-breaking vaginal moisturizer developed by Dr. Christiane Northrup.

20. Love yourself.

I want to tell you this right now:

“You are a beautiful woman. Let yourself feel it internally and shine it forth outwardly.”

It’s vital to believe in yourself, to love who you are, to love your body as it is right now and to believe that your amazing and powerful body wants to be healthy.

I spent the first 48 years of my life hating my body. (Which I’m certain was prematurely aging it!)

But now I’ve spent the last 10 years changing that practice to one of loving, appreciating and believing in my body.

Please join me in this new practice!

Take it one step at a time.

As you can see, looking and feeling your best is not about doing just one thing.

It’s an entire lifestyle approach that I have chosen to create on a daily basis to de-age myself and restore my vital, exuberant energy and appearance.

I invite you to take what is useful and make your own list of what is correct for you!

Plus, if you want to use Botox, get a face-lift, dye your hair, get acrylic nails, or do none of this, that’s your business, not mine.

We are way too hard on ourselves and each other as women. Let’s change that.

God Bless You,


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