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Celebrities & Their Personality Types—Which One Are You?

Find out if your favorite celebrity shares your Energy Type

Have you ever felt drawn to a celebrity and their personality? They have a certain energy about them that you just love.

It’s not just in your head! Every person moves through the world with a dominant energy expression, and it goes even deeper than personality.

Energy Profiling is a system based on movement that teaches you the 4 different Energy Types. Everything in our natural world leads with one of these dominant movements, including people, pets, and even flowers.

Even you express one of these Energy Types. Let’s have a look at each of them and see if you share the same Type with your favorite celebrity.

Type 1: The Bright & Animated Person

People who express a dominant Type 1 energy are naturally upward, light, and upbeat. They have a natural gift for ideas and the hope that it is possible. Being around these people brings out your playful energy and brightens your mood.

They tend to have a very youthful appearance due to the animated shapes like circles and points in their facial features.

Just a few Type 1 celebrities include:
Mandy Moore
Jennifer Garner
Lupita Nyong’o
Meryl Streep
Robert Downey Jr
Will Smith

Type 2: The Subtle & Soft Person

People who express a dominant Type 2 energy are naturally gentle, relaxed, and calm. They have a natural gift for details and making plans to help us move forward. When you’re around a Type 2 person, you also begin to feel calmer and reassured.

They tend to have very blended facial features with soft skin. They have a dominance of S curves in their facial features.

Just a few Type 2 celebrities include:
Jennifer Aniston
Viola Davis
JK Rowling
Emma Thompson
Maya Angelou
Russell Crowe
Ryan Gosling

Type 3: The Rich & Dynamic Person

People who express a dominant Type 3 energy are naturally driven to action and results. They have a natural gift of confidence and an orientation to get big results. Being around a Type 3 person helps you get more done!

They tend to have more textured skin and chiseled facial features. They have a dominance of angles in their facial features.

Just a few Type 3 celebrities include:
Serena Williams
Faith Hill
Taylor Swift
Oprah Winfrey
Hugh Jackman
Robert Redford

Type 4: The Bold & Striking Person

People who express a dominant Type 4 energy are naturally striking, precise, exact, and structured. They have a natural gift to step back and see the bigger picture and the outcome and know how to perfect it. Being around someone with a Type 4 energy gives you a sense of structure in your life.

They tend to have the appearance of porcelain skin and sculpted facial features. They have a dominance of parallel lines in their facial features.

Just a few Type 4 celebrities include:
Halle Barry
Emma Stone
Michelle Willams
Kate Middleton
Tom Cruise
Michael Jordan

Based on these examples, what do you have in common with your favorite celebrity?

I invite you to take my free Energy Profiling course to discover more about your Energy Type and how you move throughout the world.

Knowing your Energy Type allows you to live true to your nature, rather than judging it as inappropriate and wrong!

Consider the possibility that you have deemed your greatest gifts to be some of your greatest weaknesses. Now you can be free to align with your gifts and live more authentically.

To learn even more about how the four Energy Types show up in our world, read my book, It’s Just My Nature. It’s included in the Style Kit that you can purchase after going through the course! Join thousands of people in countries all over the world who have transformed their lives by discovering their Energy Types.

I look forward to hearing your story!

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