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Get the Best Fall Capsule Wardrobe with This List of Must-Haves

Sweaters, booties, and dark-colored jeans? Sounds like fall!

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin flavors, and crunchy leaves—how can you not love fall?

As the temperatures drop, it’s time to swap out your wardrobe and transition to cool weather clothes. We’ve put together this go-to list to make the process easy!

This checklist of essential fall items will help you have the coziest and most fabulous fall yet:

    1. Plaid Button-Up Shirt

Plaid could be synonymous with fall! Choose a plaid that is correct for your Type of beauty:

      • Type 1 – you can mix bright tints and go small to large scale.
      • Type 2- you can choose a plaid that has low contrast so it stays blended.
      • Type 3 – you’ll look dynamic in rich, classic autumn shades.
      • Type 4 – you’ll look best when you keep it clean with just a couple color combinations.

Choose the best plaid for you with these tips!

    1. 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Play with some more pattern or embroidery this season. Wear it with a skirt or half-tucked in jeans with a belt. (That French tuck looks flattering on all body shapes!) You could even pair it with a jean jacket.

Lifestyle members: check the StyleInspire boards every Wednesday and Saturday for new Expert-curated outfits for your Type. You’ll find plenty of blouses you’ll love.

    1. Solid Color Top

Every season calls for basic tees. Choose short or long sleeve based on your needs. Fall calls for layering so this top will be essential.

Use your Style Guides to help you choose the correct color that looks best on you!

    1. Sweater

Fall is a cozy time of year, and a sweater is just what you need. Choose a pullover sweater for 1, 2, 3 quick style.

Get sweater inspiration with this 8 Items, 8 Outfit video—a community favorite!

    1. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is a great layering piece for all Types—just make sure it fits the bill.

      • Type 1 – Make sure it’s lightweight and a bright, crisp denim.
      • Type 2 – It’s gotta be soft and flexible with a grayed color.
      • Type 3 – Look for the jacket with gold or brassy buttons for the ultimate richness.
      • Type 4 – Keep it simple, structured, with a nice saturated color or black denim.
    1. Duster

Dress up any look with a duster—a long cardigan. They’re on trend this season and add class and sass to your style.

    1. Lightweight Vest

Jazz up a basic outfit with another great layering piece. Wear over your basic tee, sweater, or blouse.

For more ideas, check out these videos about layering.

    1. Jeans

Distressed jeans are still going strong. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? Or maybe you know you just don’t prefer them. Knowing how to wear distressed jeans true to Type will give you the confidence to wear them.

Dark-colored jeans are perfect for fall. But before you pick up that black, choose a color that matches your Energy Type and will bring out your best!

      • Type 1 – Dark chocolate brown
      • Type 2 – Dark gray jean
      • Type 3 – Deep plum or olive green
      • Type 4 – Black is always a great option, but a bold red jean would look great this fall!

Need some direction on how to find the perfect jean? In Dressing Your Truth, you’ll want to look for specific things to find the best jeans for your Type of beauty. These Lifestyle videos about each Type’s jeans will be a great place to start.

    1. Midi Skirt or Dress

Mid-calf length dresses and skirts are great options for transitional weather. If it’s hot, pair them with flats. If it’s cool outside, wear them with boots and a jean jacket.

    1. Flats

You could always go with a plain color, but shoes are a place where you can play with pattern and texture to add an extra level of interest. Your shoes could be the star of the show!

    1. Booties

With so many styles to choose from, choose a bootie that brings out your natural confidence. Check out StyleInspire boards for the best selections for your Type.

    1. Large brim hat

This is another classic fall piece. A wool fedora or large brim hat paired with your plaid top brings a stylish level of mystery to your autumnal look.

    1. Belt

Belts are trending again, so pair them with your jeans, French-tuck blouse, or even a dress!

    1. Jewelry

Jewelry—the icing on the cake. No outfit is complete without jewelry! Check out the DYT store for the latest selections!

    1. Makeup

We tend to choose darker makeup in the fall. These collections are true to your Type and let your beauty shine this season.

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