Kristen Goes from Mom Jeans to Hot Mama #LiveMakeover

Part I: Kristen is Chosen for a #LiveMakeover!
Each month, we choose one candidate to undergo a life-changing transformation at our Dressing Your Truth event space. Kristen came to us with a desire for clarity so that she could bring more harmony into her home. Watch her “Before” to guess her Energy Type!

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Part II: Live Q&A With Carol
Have you ever tried to determine your Energy Type but thought you couldn’t possibly be the Type you actually are? Childhood wounds can keep people from identifying with their true nature.

When this happens, releasing old hurts and allowing healing tears to flow can be the best way for these individuals to accept their Energy Type and move forward with confidence. Watch the video below as we discuss this topic, and others, more in-depth!


Part III: Kristen’s Big Reveal that Made Us Say, “Whaaaat?!”
I am always amazed by the “Afters” in our #LiveMakeovers, but there is something about Kristen’s that blew us all away. She said “goodbye” to the mom jeans and stepped into a look that supports her expression as a hot, confident woman.

Not only did she go through an outward transformation, but she also evolved inwardly. Watch the video below, and tell us what you thought when you saw her big reveal!


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