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Suzan’s Stunning & Poised Type 4 #HairMakeover

In this episode of #CarolTuttleTV, we present the first
#HairMakeover of 2017!
Part 1: Suzan’s Before
Suzan came to us, finally settled into her true Type of Beauty after a long journey of discovery. She was ready to change her color and feel confident in a new style.

Watch her “before” in the video below, and stick around for an awesome Hair Q&A with Carol and Anne as they answered live questions from our community!


Part 2: The Big Reveal!
Suzan’s “after” will take your breath away!

Her new, sleek hairstyle complements her refined energy and supports her poised nature more than ever before. You’ll find yourself smiling just as much as she is.

You’ll love the insight Carol and Suzan share as they discuss why Suzan went back and forth between different Energy Types. See what they have to say about this in the video…


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