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How the Chakra Energy System Can Improve Your Daily Life #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

A simple, applicable way to understand the chakra system

Does the chakra system feel “woo-woo” or elusive to you?

My latest book, The Modern Chakra Guide will help you learn about it in a simple way and vastly improve your daily life!

This episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol is an online party to celebrate the launch of that new book!

Learn how the chakra energy system is changing our world and how to connect with this energy so you rise above the chaos.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(6:00) – Dr. Christiane Northrup joins the show as my first guest. She tells you how to cut to the chase and go right to the chakra energy centers to figure out your physical imbalances. You’ll learn why thyroid issues are running rampant in our culture. Have you ever heard of the Emsella Chair? Dr. Northrup shares how it’s an effective way to get in touch with your life force through your second chakra.

(19:00) – How do you pronounce it: sha-kra or cha-kra? Here’s my tip for helping you remember it and speak this word correctly!

(20:30) – I welcome Andrea from Annmarie Skin Care who read The Modern Chakra Guide and was really impacted by it. She now fully understands the chakra system in a way that she can apply to her own life and goals.

And if you didn’t get a chance to win one of the sample bundles…

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(28:00) – At which age do the different chakras develop during childhood? I talk about why this matters and how it can help you become a better parent!

(32:00) – Christopher from Gemisphere joins me to talk about the number one gemstone that will support your chakra system: onyx. It will help you ground your energy and get back into your body! I believe in this company so much that I pair specific Gemisphere gemstones with every Healing Plan in The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center.

(Pssst…from November 22 – November 26, Gemisphere is offering my community a 30% off discount before this sale opens to the public! Use code THANKS2019 at checkout on the Gemisphere website here.)

(45:30) – I welcome my last guest, Natalie, a stunning Type 4 woman who’s the author and creator of Perry’s Plate. She’s an online influencer who speaks to how the chakra system has supported her in trusting her own path as she grows her family business.

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