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Your 4 Deepest Fears About Getting Older

And how I stopped worrying about my age

Think about your current age. How do you feel? Do you feel old, or do you feel good for your age? What ideas or fears are brought up at the thought of growing older?

For many women, the thought of “being old” is terrifying.

After all, doesn’t getting older come with a guarantee of loss? At least, that’s what our society would have you believe.

We all run programs about aging, imprinted by family and culture from a very early age. As little girls, we were sent messages that told us what it looked like to age. And now that we are aging, it brings up a whole new kind of emotions!

I recently polled the women in my community to see how they felt about their own aging process. Their answers were both vulnerable and shocking at times. These were the top 4 fears that came up.

The Top 4 Fears About Aging

  1. “I don’t like the way I’m aging.”
  2. 53% of the women who answered my poll are unhappy with the way their bodies are changing. They specifically don’t like their wrinkles, thinning hair, sagging skin, or loss of volume in their complexion.

  3. “I don’t like having pictures taken of myself.”
  4. 62% of women are embarrassed when they see photos of themselves. They instantly feel like they’re not as attractive as they used to be. They see the wrinkles, the changing skin, and the body shape changes. It gives them a visual reminder that the aging process has begun and they feel unnerved by it.

  5. “There are features of my face and body I still don’t like.”
  6. 91% of women struggle with both their natural features but also face and body features that are affected by age. They look in the mirror and struggle with parts of their reflection. Comparison can set in. This leads to the fourth and final deepest fear…

  7. “I still feel inadequate in some way.”
  8. 92% of women expressed not feeling good enough as they age.

    Read that again. 92% of women! They fear becoming insignificant. Forgotten. They’ve connected their age to their perceived lack of value.

    Truth be told, our society does not value our senior citizens and the elderly. It’s no wonder that so many women hold on tightly to the idea of youth, because they don’t want to step into a predetermined lifestyle once they reach a certain age.

These fears are all 100% valid—but they do not have to determine your aging process!

How I stopped worrying about my age

In all honesty, I am truly okay with my age. And because I’m accepting of it, that naturally slows down the aging process!

We age ourselves much more dramatically because of the attitude we’ve taken on from cultural inner dialogue.

But I no longer look at aging as a negative thing that will change my life for the worst. I look forward to my future. I’m curious what my body’s potential is to stay healthy, rejuvenate, and thrive.

I’m not the only one! Dressing Your Truth Type 1 Expert, Marcy is already planning her 100th birthday party. How’s that for a fun, lighthearted outlook! Imagine looking forward to aging, instead of trying to resist it.

Let me help you shift your beliefs and fears about aging.

On March 15th, I’m leading my Healing Center members through a guided experience of the new Healing Plan for Anti-Aging. This is a brand new offering that you won’t find anywhere else online. It’s powerful, uncovering beliefs and programs you’ve been carrying about getting older. As you let them go, you reverse the aging process easily and gracefully.

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