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Countries & Their Personalities: Do You Share the Same Type?

What Type is your favorite country?

Did you ever think countries and different areas of the world could have their own energy and personality?

I love having fun with Energy Profiling—a profiling system based on movement that teaches you the 4 different Energy Types. Everything in our natural world leads with one of these dominant movements, including people, pets, and even flowers.

Let’s see if your favorite country shares your Energy Type!

Type 1 Energy: Bright, Bubbly, and Light

Type 1 energy is naturally an upward, light, upbeat, buoyant, and animated. People who express this energy have a high movement and keep things light and fun. They have a natural gift for ideas and the hope that these ideas are possible. They may also have a tendency to appear random or scattered at times. They tend to have a very youthful appearance due to the animated shapes like circles and points in their facial features.

Which country expresses Type 1 energy? Mexico

  • A place where people like to vacation and play
  • Lots of bright colors featured in their traditional dress
  • Siesta every day! Time to disconnect from the rigor of the day
  • Its culture is more yang (outward)
  • Traditional music is light, cheerful, and brings a smile to your face

Other countries and states with Type 1 energy:

State of Hawaii

Type 2 Energy: Soft, Subtle, & Gentle

Type 2 energy is naturally a fluid, flowing, gentle, relaxed, and calming. People who express this Type of energy have a more subdued movement and keep things flowing and comfortable. They have a natural gift for details and making plans to help us move forward. Being with this Type of person is calming and reassuring. They tend to have a dominance of S curves in their blended facial features.

Which country expresses Type 2 energy? Thailand

  • The elephant is the symbol of Thailand, which is a Type 2 animal
  • People are more soft-spoken and focused on connecting with you on the streets—instead of trying to push a sale
  • Most people express a non-confrontational attitude
  • They are known for being kind people, overall polite and modest
  • Their traditional dress includes soft flowing fabrics with detailed patterns

Other countries that express Type 2 energy:

New Zealand

Type 3 Energy: Dynamic, Determined, & Confident

Type 3 energy has a very swift, confident movement that pushes things and people into action to “Get it done.” People who express a dominant Type 3 expression are naturally driven to action and big results. They can be overly confident at times without enough details in place and jump in too fast. They tend to have more textured skin, chiseled facial features, and a dominance of angles in their facial features.

Which country expresses Type 3 energy? The United States of America

  • Historically has been motivated to dominate as the biggest and best
  • Known to have large cars, trucks, houses, and streets
  • Naturally expresses entrepreneur qualities with tendencies toward business
  • Rich landscape from coast to coast
  • Dynamic and multicultural “melting pot”

Other countries that express Type 3 energy:


Type 4 Energy: Bold, Constant, & Stunning

Type 4 energy is naturally constant, still, precise, exact, and structured. People with a dominant Type 4 energy have a natural gift to step back, see the bigger picture and outcome, and know how to perfect it. They can be seen as too critical and negative by others, due to their natural response to see the flaw first. They tend to have very porcelain skin and a dominance of parallel lines in their sculptured facial features.

Which country expresses Type 4 energy? Japan

  • Their culture values respect, honor, and tradition
  • They tend to be private people
  • They prioritize exactness and create efficient systems
  • Their culture tends to be minimalist, with clean design lines
  • The traditional kimono dress is structured and bold in color and patterns

Other countries that express Type 4 energy:


Now it’s your turn! What Type is your country? Or what country do you love to visit and why?

We have people from almost every country in the world who have found Energy Profiling and visited our site. Thank you for sharing this with your family and friends!

I invite you to take my free Energy Profiling course to discover more about your Energy Type and how you move throughout the world.

To learn even more about how the four Energy Types show up in our world, read my book, It’s Just My Nature. It’s included in the Style Kit that you can purchase after going through the course! Join thousands of people in countries all over the world who have transformed their lives by discovering their Energy Types.

I look forward to hearing your story!


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