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What’s Your Pet’s Personality Profile?

You know your pet has a personality of its own!

But have you ever considered that your pet’s temperament connects to an Energy Type?

Energy Profiling is a system that identifies 4 main ways that people (and pets) move through the world. It’s a system based on movement. Everything in this world has a movement and an Energy Type—even your pets!

You can quickly Type your pets.

Your pet’s physical features, coloring, movement, and demeanor will all be true to Type.

Here are the 4 Energy Types and how they are expressed in your pets:

The Fun-Loving Type 1 Pet

Type 1 keywords include light, uplifting, bright, animated, and fresh.

Type 1 pets are playful, bouncy, energetic, and they enjoy the company of others. They love, love, love tricks and lots of random fun throughout the day.

Type 1 pets move about playfully, light on their feet. They are fun-loving and have a “cute” factor to their face. They keep their youthful appearance even after growing up!

Tips for your Type 1 pet:

  • Make time to play with them or buy a random toy for them. Be sure they get not only physical exercise but also mental exercise activities as much as possible.
  • If you are thinking of bringing a Type 1 pet into your home, consider all the factors that will come with a high-energy pet. Decide beforehand whether or not that supports your family.

Cute black dog wagging her tail

Here’s what Kristine says about her Type 1 dog, Lily: “Her tail wags joyfully whenever I so much as look in her direction. She needs more play time throughout the day—not necessarily a long time in one sitting, but random opportunities to play with me multiple times during the day. Her runs are random, often veering off into different directions unexpectedly. She quickly moves out of one command because she is excited and ready for the next one.”

The Sensitive Type 2 Pet

Type 2 keywords include: soft, subtle, graceful, calm, and connected.

Your Type 2 pet will be more cuddly, gentle, have favorite toys for long periods of time, and comforted by the companionship of a human or another pet.

The appearance of a Type 2 pet will show up in qualities that are soft and muted. Their face appears gentle, and their coloring may look blended or have S-curves.

Tips for your Type 2 pet:

  • Type 2 pets may get attached to their favorite toy. Buy more than one so you have a backup. Take time to pet them or be with them one-on-one. They may appear “shy” and need reassurance to do certain things. Type 2 pets are gentle with other animals but may become scared of those that are bigger or aggressive.

sensitive, sweet, fluffy white dog laying on the ground

Here’s what Stacey says about her Type 2 dog, Ralphie: “His coat is super soft to the touch, and he’s a big, floppy animal. His nature is calm and sensitive. He’s a registered therapy dog and loves to visit children. Going for a walk is more like a stroll. He can be found walking behind us rather than out in front pulling. He has never challenged another dog or showed any aggression. He never jumps up on people. He just assumes that everyone wants to pet him and will lean up against them until they give him attention.”

The Determined Type 3 Pet

Type 3 keywords include: active, reactive, swift, dynamic, and confident.

Your Type 3 pet is determined, independent, loud, and rowdy! They may be pushy and demanding, which creates an intense, substantial feeling in their energy—even if they’re small.

Type 3 pets have deep angles and sharp points in their appearance. They also may have an irregular pattern in their coloring, which can make them look quite exotic.

Tips for your Type 3 pet:

  • Type 3 pets are always ready to go-go-go. They have a lot of energy and can be naturally athletic. They will need a significant amount of exercise on a regular basis. Plan time to get physical with them to honor their active/reactive nature! They will be happiest and healthiest when they’re able to move swiftly, often!

exotic cat with long pointy ears and sharp green eyes

Katie has a cat named Skuggi (pronounced skoo-kee, Icelandic for shadow). Here’s what she says, “We call Skuggi our little scoundrel. She wakes me up every morning by putting her cold nose on mine, knocking things off my bedside table, or just straight up walking across my face. She will loudly call our attention to her needs a few times a day. She will push me out of a specific spot for her own comfort and will take up a ridiculous amount of room on the bed for such a small kitty.”

The Serious Type 4 Pet

Type 4 keywords include: bold, constant, poised, serene, and reflective.

Your Type 4 pet is dignified, still, and refined. These pets may not always like being rubbed or petted, and they enjoy alone time.

They will have a very mature appearance, always looking regal, whether they’re sleeping, sitting or running. They take long strides and stand very tall.

Tips for your Type 4 pet:

  • Show patience and respect that the pet knows himself or herself. Don’t force them to do things; they will do them out of respect for you and respect for the food you give them. Treats are highly motivating to these pets. They don’t enjoy the big enthusiastic rubbings or being pet, but prefer a slower, more calm, but confident movement. Routines and schedules are very supportive of the Type 4 pet.

Serious black dog sitting still

Here’s what Kristine says about her Type 4 dog, Spencer, “He responds slowly to commands; he knows what he’s supposed to do, but I can feel him waiting to be the one to decide he is actually going to do it. He’s definitely his own authority while still recognizing who the leader is and who feeds and takes care of him. In the dog world, people will often think you have to project and present yourself as the alpha, but with a Type 4 dog, he will respect you as the alpha because you deserve to be respected, not because you have demanded to be respected.”

Now it’s your turn! Based on what you’ve learned, what Energy Type is your pet?

Post a picture in the comments and share what Energy Type he or she is!

In my book, It’s Just My Nature, you can discover even more about the 4 Energy Types and how you express it in all areas of your life—oftentimes without even realizing it!

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