We’re living in a unique time of global crisis and change. At Dressing Your Truth, my team and I are here to support you.

At a time when the normal feels absent, I am choosing to get dressed and ready each day, even if I can’t go anywhere. My routine of caring for myself is a familiar practice and doing familiar activities right now is grounding and healing.

I recommend you do the same. During this confusing time, we need to acknowledge our feelings of stress and uncertainty—and we also need to connect to the normal. You’re not being superficial by choosing an outfit or doing your hair! As you deal with the unknown, you need a sense of balance, and your daily physical activities can help to give you that.

When you look good and feel good, you’re more free to do good in a world that needs your gifts. And we could certainly use your gifts right now!

Below, you’ll find resources to support you at this uncertain time. Some of them help you go deeper in your sense of self-understanding. Others are lighter resources to lift your spirits at a potentially heavy time.

This experience is new for all of us. I’m here to support you in loving who you are and living true to your best self, especially at a challenging time.

—Carol Tuttle

Understand and Love Yourself Better

The more you live in alignment with your true self, the smoother this strange pandemic experience can be for you. You move through the world in a unique way. I describe that movement in 4 Energy Types. If you don’t yet know your Type, watch my free Beginner’s Guide today. It will help you discover who you are at your core, so you can live true to the amazing woman you’ve always been. Watch the FREE Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide

Enjoy the Lifestyle Quarantine Watchlist

Social distancing has left many of us with a lot of extra time at home. Our Lifestyle library can help you fill the hours with insights about who you are, solutions for relationships that may be under stress, as well as some lightness and normalcy to balance out all the dramatic changes going on. (Not yet a Lifestyle member? It’s only $12.95 to get access all month!) Join Lifestyle Log into your membership

Self-help for your Type

How Each Type of Woman Experiences Worry
How Each Type of Woman Experiences Sadness

How Each Type of Woman Experiences Anger

How Each Type of Woman Experiences Overwhelm

Why You Procrastinate, True to Your Type
The Yin/Yang Lineup of All 12 Energy Type Combos

Support for Your Close Relationships

Tips to Live True to Yourself While Staying at Home

Tutorials to Shop Your Closet and Take Your Mind Off Stress

Create Great Outfits—How to Shop Your Closet and Rethink Your Faves

8 Items, 8 Outfits for Every Type of Woman

Tutorials to Get Out of An Outfit Rut

Amazing Outfits for Every Type With the 3x5 Formula

Use Your Style Kit to Focus On Something Other Than the News

The Dressing Your Truth Style Kit helps you identify true-to-Type items in your closet and in your cart. It’s like a personal, portable style coach. If you’re thinking about spring cleaning your closet while you’re at home, the Style Kit will help you make that experience successful, so you have a wardrobe you completely love.

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Thank you for your patience and your business at a challenging time!