Are You a Soft Introvert or a Bold Introvert? Here’s How to Find Out

Are You a Type 2 or Type 4? Helpful Insight to Figure it Out

You are an introvert—you move inward first with your thoughts, feelings, and movements. You express a “yin” quality to your nature.

This has helped you narrow down your Energy Type to either Type 2 or Type 4. You know that they’re both lower movements, but what if you’re having trouble deciding between the two?

Type 2 is a soft introvert energy. And Type 4 is a bold introvert energy. They may look similar at first, but they are incredibly different.

Today I’m joined by Type 2 Expert, Anne, and Type 4 Expert, Kalista, as they talk about the inner workings of who they are. They share helpful insights to support you in understanding how you move through life.

Do you process things in an emotional or intellectual way, and what does that even mean? Find out by watching.

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